Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Michael Vick

I just saw on tv that Michael Vick is going to have a documentanry on tv about himself or his life or whatever. No one should watch it. Instead write, phone and email the station to tell them how much you think this is incredibly not right.

Michael Vick is the football star who was caught with dogs in in place and dog fighting was going on. He went to jail, got out and got his football career back. Many of the poor dogs went to a place called "DogTown" Which has a show on animal planet where you can actually see the damage done to these dogs and it's horrifiic.

I thought that places like football teams had codes of conduct for their players and if they did something this heinous they wouldn't be able to play again. I guess I was wrong. All they are thinking about is how much money Vick is going to bring in being back. Shame on them.

In my opinion, Vick should have lost his career, all the money he made from said career and should never be able to get endorsements or play football again. What he did was awful and now there's going to be a documentary about him. Who cares about Michael Vick, I certaintly don't. He should have been booed off the field when he came back.