Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Funny Tweets

I don't use Twitter as much as some of you but I noticed that some tweets are pretty funny when you don't know what's really going in a conversation or what the tweet is about. So I thought I would post a few tweets I've seen this week on Twitter. I've left off the links and the names in case they don't want me making fun of

RT New blog post! I'm Almost Naked! Please Don't Take My Picture!

Why am I watching Locked Up Abroad????

He killed without remorse. Hell, that's how he survived; a guy's got to eat right?

Blind Date? Check him out, baby!

how have my bulgy lovers been? i've been so busyyyy...i need stop being so active ;)

Ugh went to my room to freshen up before booksigning and just sprayed myself full in the face with hairspray. Eyes are stuck shut now

How (Not) to Be Awesome on Social Media

Don't lick the toast. No paws in the cereal. Don't drink the cream. Get away from the bacon. You people really know how to spoil breakfast.

I got told I'm a bitch and too much [on twitter...] but meeting me in person explains so much and makes it better? O.o

I would like to be a person who wakes up & says, "I think I'll go to Paris today." Instead of "I think I'll do the laundry today."

Baahahahahaha! RT  2pm: *Bible verse*...1am: *drunk status*

oh goodness...ya slap and spank one..ya gotta slap and spank them all...*slap* *spank* no go to sleep all you bitches ;)

I get a lot of email & tweets telling me I'm funny. I try not to mentally add "Looking" to this. Especially at deadline time . . .

Her mouth craned open in horror and something—maybe a tiny piece of bone—fell on her tongue.

I got outta bed this morning...why isn't that enough?!?!

heres the thing that I love about this book (besides the conversation about BDSM) it shows just how BIG the market can be.

Chihuahuas drive me crazy! Woooof!

lol so there you have just some of the funny Tweets I've seen recently. I might just make this a weekly thing since I found this so much fun.