Thursday, August 23, 2012


As you can see from my bedroom bookshelves right here, I need more room. Like a lot more room. lol This is actually two large book shelves side by side and they are completely packed with books. We plan on moving before my grandson gets here, so probably in November when it cools down because who in their right mind would be moving when it's 113F outside, right?

This is the hanging bookshelf in my hallway. I really like this one because it gave me a little room to put a nice long stack of books up out of the way and it fits in my small hall way. 

This is the bookshelf in the living room. you can't tell but these are stacked two deep. There are books in back of books. I plan on buying several more book shelves when we I better make sure I have enough room for them. lol 

And this is the corner bookshelf. There are so many books on this thing. I think I might just buy several more of these and put them in every corner in the new apartment because I sure can fit a lot of books on this and it doesn't take up precious floor space. 

So there you have it. All my bookshelves. Do you have a lot of bookshelves too?