Sunday, June 05, 2005

Going to the Mall

Well I am so thoroughly tired right now, I can barely lift my hands to type. lol Well, maybe not that tired but I am worn out. I just spent 5 hours Walking in the Mall with my 13 year old daughter, going from one store to the next. We spent most of our time in Hot Topic. It's a Skull Gothic store, and she loved everything she saw but she was hesitant to part with her $55.00 she earned in the past 2 weeks , pulling weeds for our apartment manager. So she would pick this and that up, then put something back pick something else back up, put it down, then ask me for more money, Dollar Smiley of which I said no. lol She has to learn that if you have so much money that's what you spend. So she ended up buying a black lace shirt with purple t-shirt type material underneath, a few of those rubber bracelets Bracelet that are so popular with the kids, a pink and black skull Skull belt, a studded wrist band, and a faery t-shirt.
Then we went to Torrid, another gothic Skull type store, except it's for the "bigger" girls, lol I found a few shirts in there for me. lol She bought a nightgown that's black lace. It's really cute, I think ken might not like it, but hey, she's old enough to wear nice nightgowns if she wants to. It came with a robe and it's long enough that it looks really cute. It's not like she's going to school in the thing. It's not like we went to Frederick's of Hollywood and got something with holes where the breasts are suppossed to be. LOL lol Can you tell I just know ken's going to think I let her buy something to "grown up?" yeah well he can bite me. I didn't see him going to the mall. At least I didn't let her get the t-shirt that she couldnt figure out but that she wanted. It had a Rooster standing by a large sucker on it. Now think about it. and you'll understand why I didn't let her get it. LMAO She still has no idea. lol
We went by See's Candy Chocolates and I bought us both ne of those hard chocolate suckers, then we went to the Pet shop and looked at all the animals. Hamster Rat Puppy 2 Kitty 1 When we left she started sneezing, I really thought as long as she didn't pet the dogs or cats this time she would be ok, but no. The allergies got to her and she took a Benadryl when we got home, if all that walking didn't tire her ass out I'm sure the Benadryl will. lol