Sunday, February 28, 2010

To much electronics in cars?

After all the problems toyota has been having with their gas pedals sticking, accelerating when they don't want to and the fact that the accelerater petal is not electronic when most cars didn't used to be that way. Maybe they should go back to the way it used to be.

When we go out to buy a car now a days we can't just pick a car based on how good it looks from the outside, how the gas mileage is on it, what color we want. No, now we have to be concerned if the manufacturers have installed to many electronics, if the electronics are installed correctly, if the gas petal is suddenly going to stick, if OnStar is listening to us, if the police can call OnStar and stop our cars if they suspect us of doing something illegal and if we'll be able to find a reliable mechanic that has the knowledge to fix all the electronic problems that might arise in the future.

Maybe it would jsut be easier to find a reliable older car and spend the money to getting it running real well. Then we wouldn't have to worry about onStar, sticking gas petals, too many wires and the guys who have knowledge working on those older cars can be found all over the place.

Can't they sing?

I was listening to th radio today and it seems like all these new artists are singing into a weird type of mic that is messing with their voices. I found out that it's called autotune. It's suppossed to be a vocal enhancing technique used in songs. ect.

But these singers who are using it all sound the same and you can't tell if they can really sing or not. You can't tell if they have a good voice or not because they all sound like they are singing into a synthisizer or something. It sounds bad to me.

It seems like alot of the hip hop artists are choosing to use this technique. Don't they want to sound like themselves? or do they not have the voice to be able to pull it off without this device.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Ads are gone...

I put the Adsense ads on my blog because someone told me that they make money from them every month. Well, I'd had them on my blog for over a year and I haven't made one penny from as of today they are gone.

The way they work is when someone visits your site or blog and they click on one of the ads, you get a few cents or a dollar for each time someone clicks on them. But I've been to many websites where they ahve ads and not once have I ever clicked on one of the ads. So I guess many people are like me and don't. So they are gone.

Friday, February 26, 2010

My mom's new dog

Shih Tzu (pronounced Shit-zu) lol

Last month my mom's 17 year old Lhapso Apso died. She had him cremated and his ashed are in this really cute little wooden box. She was really really attached to that dog and when he died she felt alone.

she kept saying she wasn't going to get another dog but then today she decided to go down to the shelter that is right around the corner from her and just 'see' what they had and if she found a dog she really liked.

She said she spent almost 4 hours there looking at this dog and that dog, petting long haired dogs, even a sweet little pit bull, who layed her head in my mom's lap.

My mom is in a wheel chair most of the time but she can get up and walk for shrt amounts of time, so she needed a dog that wasn't afraid of the motorized wheelchair and some of them were.

Then the lady brought out what my mom thought was a little puppy. My mom said it looked like a small ball of fur. But she was actually a four year old full grown Shih Tzu, that is so small she weighs less than 4 lbs.

I asked her...4 lbs? Seriously? That's a lil dog. But the dog who's name is cup cake, was laying in my mom's lap, tring to crawl into her pockets, and she said when cup cake looked up at her with those little brown eyes she knew she found the dog she wanted.

So Cup Cake is being spayed tomorrow morning and microchipped and my mom can pick her up after 6pm. The shleter aso gave my my a carrier, blanket and a large bag of Science diet food and a coupon for one free well doggie check up for anytime in the next year for Cup Cake...all for free!

Do you have an obsession?

I think alot of us obsess about different things at different times. if I know I have an article half done I sit and think about it until I go and finish it. It just has to get done! I tried having three or four articles half done. doing research for them all at th same time and writing a little bit each day, but that didn't work out too well. I found myself obsessing about getting them done.

So now I wait until I have the time to do one whole article and finish the darn thing. Done...until the next one.

Then I start obsessing about what I should write the next article on. How many ways can you write about how to care for your hamster. Or, The best foods to feed your pet rat. Maybe I should branch out to other

When I know something has to be done, I have this need to get it done...NOW!. it can't wait until tomorrow, it can't wait until dinner is cooked...No it needs to get done now.

If I have a doctor's appointment the next day I'll have a hard time sleeping because I know that I have to go do something the next day and I want to get it done and over with. But I'm the same way about doing the grocery shopping, getting the car gassed up, doing the laundry, filling out paperwork...ect. if it needs to be it now.

yep, I'm a bit obsessed.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Would you sell your used panties for money?

I just happened to be bored and looking through Craigslist and came across an add for used panties every other week. He's willing to pay $20.00 for them each time. Now this isn't the first time I've seen or heard about this particular fetish, but it got me thinking. How many women would do this to make a few bucks?

Can't he get his girlfriend to wear a pair for him and pay her some money, or is he so weird that he doesn't want a girlfriend he just wants some strange woman's panties to sniff?

Sunday, February 21, 2010

censoring one self

If you have been to a blog, youtube, Yahoo news and have read the comments section you may have seen comments like this one.
(totally made up BTW)

I don't see why you f*cking people think this is such a big d*mn deal? What the f*ck is the big G--- d*mn deal?*


I was at the store and some guy slapped my arse. Why the effing fawk is he thinking?

Seriously? Do people really think that throwing a hyphen, asterisk or spelling the word weird is actually better than swearing in the first place? Do they think they are better then other people?

The last time I was on Yahhoo news I said Damn...oh no. really?
Sue me.


I was going through the book lists of books I want to get and I saw that I need to get the latest installment of Wolf Tales. I am also looking forward to Atlantis Redeemed. I have been reading alot of paranormal romance here recently. I like the fantasies that are played out in the Vampire, Werewolf, Ghosts and aliens type books. There's just so many things that can be done with that.

One of my favorite series right now is the Anita Blake series by Laurell K. Hamilton. She has done so much with this series. For some reason I can't explain, I have read other books where the M/M relations where they also have relations with a woman and I didn't like the way it was written so I stopped getting those Menage a trois type stories, that is until I read one of the books in the Anita Blake series.

Laurell has a way of getting the M/M as well as M/M/F and even more men in the bed than just two, for it to be really tender, emotional and easy to see how it can happen and work.

I didn't think I would like this type of arrangement but reading it the way she writes it, it's really entertaining. I don't think I would like it if it was all about two gay men or two bisexual men, but even that has it's place. But for these characters to bring the woman into their bed and have her be their focus while there, that makes it readable for me.

I think this has a lot to do with this being sort of a female fantasy thing. I mean what woman wouldna't want two men focused completely on her? None that I can think of.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

20 Random Things About Me..

I thought it would be fun to post 20 things about me you might not know...

1. I've had long hair my entire life except for the time when my dad cut it off. I was about 6 years old and my dad couldn't get the comb through my hair so he cut it shoulder length. My mom was really mad.

2. I've written erotic stories for a couple of websites. You can view some of them here.

3. I started writing "How to" articles about 3 years ago. Mostly about caring for amll animals and you can view them here.

4. I've always liked metal bands. i started with the big hair bands in the 80's and now it's alternative and metal that I listen to. Like, Korn, Metallica, Nightwish, Chevelle, Disturbed, Adam Lambert, Sick Puppies and Rob Zombie.

5. I've never had a cavity.

6. I've never had a broken bone.

7. My favorite foods are mexican. Like Burritos and enchiladas.

8. My eyes look blue most of the time but they turn green when I'm mad.

9. My husband's family thought I had brown eyes for years because my pupils are always so big you can hardly see the colored part of my eyes.

10. My natural hair color is dark brown.

11. I found my first white hair when I was 36 and have been coloring my hair black ever since.

12. I like doing crafts. I taught myself how to bead jewelry, make wreaths, dreamcatchers and scrapbook.

13. I don't drink or smoke.

14. I love chocolate.

14. My favote smells are: Bubble gum, Honey Suckle, Rose, Jasmine, Melon and Cotton Candy.

15. I hate Liver. It smells and tastes nasty.

16. I like reading romance books and watching horror movies.

17. I like the smell of gasoline.

18. I would rather have a rat, mouse, gerbil or guinea pig than a dog or cat.

19. It has to be dark and quiet in a room in order for me to sleep. It also has to be cool. I can't sleep in a hot, lighted room.

20. I rarely cry.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bucket List

Do you have a Bucket List? Did you see the movie, Bucket List?
I did see the movie and I have to say, it was so darn funny. It made me start thinking, If I made a bucket list what would be on it?

And you know what? I've already done just about everything that came to mind.
I'm a mommy, a wife and a big sister. I've had days where I'm so happy I can't stop smiling as well as days that I know have made other people happy just be doing something simple for them.

The only thing I can think of that I would really like to do is visit a Scottish Castle, but since I will never get on another airplane again...I don't see that happening. Ah, but I can visit one in cyber space. lol

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I'm 40 years old. Happy Birthday to me. :)

I don't feel a year over 21. ;)
Now where's that cake?

Saturday, February 13, 2010

On Star

I hadn't thought much about OnStar that little button in most new cars that lets you talk to someone if you get lost or need help. Then While watching an episode of COPS, I saw that the police can call onstar and tell them to turn the car off remotely. What?

OnStar can control those cars, seriously?

When you crash, they can turn the speaker on and talk to you also and call for help. But what if they just want to listen in on conversations because they are bored. You know there are always bad apples in every sort of job and I'm sure this kind of thing has happened more than once.

I was thinking and i think if I ever get a new car that has ONStar in it, I will disable it, completely take it out. I don't want someone else having the capability to remotely turn my car off, listen in on my conversations or record my conversations if they get a search warrant or a tap warrant for my car/phone.

I wonder how many times this has already happened.

A Valentine's Day Story

We all like stories, right? Well, I thought I would share one with you.

In early 1989 a girl name Melissa *not her real name* decides she's had enough of life and is going to end her's. After going to the hospital, getting her stomach pumped she is asked to sign herself voluntarily into the Psychiatric hospital where she meets John *not his real name*

John tried to end his life and ended up in the same place as Melissa. They become fast friends and after several months in the Psychiatric Hospital and lots of therapy they get out and start dating. Even though all their doctors and therapists tell them their relationship won't work, they know it will.

A year later they visit their doctor's and therapists with their newborn baby, everyone seems very happy for them but they are still afraid they might have problems with their depression.

It's now 2010 and their baby daughter is 18 years old, and the couple who met in the Psychiatric hospital have been happily together for 20 years.

You see, this is a true's my and ken's story. I found my soul-mate all those years ago in the last place I ever thought I would find him. We completed each other in a way nothing else could and we've never been happier.

Keep your eyes open, your heart will find that special one you were meant to be with, even if you aren't looking for them.

Happy Valentine's Day

Mary Kirkland

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Spam comments

I was setting the settings for this blog the other day and saw that I could turn off the thing where people who want to comment have to ype in the word in order to comment, or people could leave anonymous comments. Well I tried that for about a week and it's not working so I'm going back to the type in the word to leave a comment and only people signed in can leave comments.

I cannot believe all the weirdos that started leaving comments and weirdo links on some of my older posts. *rolls eyes*

Happy Valentines day

You can make free valentines day cards with the nestle card maker...

Sunday, February 07, 2010

The PostMan

The Postman's credo..

"Neither snow nor rain nor gloom of night shall stay these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds,"

What ever happened to that credo?

I don't know about you but postal delivery isn't the same as it was 20 years ago, it's much worst now a days.

In the past 5 years, I've had so many problems getting my mail, not getting others mail, getting my mail to where it's going on time, mail getting lost/stolen, it's jsut ridiculous.

A few years ago I had Netflix and I would get 3 movies every week because I would get them, watch them and send them right back out. Kept things going every week. Then my movies started going missing, delivered without discs, the paper would be torn to shreds or they would just never show up at all.

Now if you 'google' missing netflix discs, you will see I'm not the only one with these types of peoblems. People are having their discs stolen and I think it was the postmen who were doing the stealing. There were jsut too many of the discs going missing. I have 8 movies go missing in 3 years. That's ridiculous. I called the psotoffice to complain and she told me it's not the post offices fault, it';s netflix's fault because their envelopes get torn all the time.

Anyway, I started watching my postman deliver the mail to my apartment complex and how he was doing it. He knew I was watching him and he didn't like it one bit. I think he decided to mess with my mail because of this. I started calling and complaining everytime he messed my mail delivery up, which was every week. My mail would either never show up, or it would end up in someone else's mailbox. When I called they actually told me, "Just take the mail you get that's not yours to the apartment it belongs to." What's the problem?


Then the mailman I was complaining about was ransferred, fired, quit...whatever happened to him, he was gone. I thought my mail would be fine after that. I was wrong. I'm still having the same problems. Of course I don't have netflix anymore because all the missing discs got to be too much for me to handle.

But just yeasterday I got my neighbors mail in my mialbox. She's been calling and complaining too.

I mena what happens if my mail or other's mail gets put in the wrong box and they decide they want to keep it? What if it's something important?

Been raining for days

I don't know about the rest of you but I love it when we have rainy days. The overcast skies, the cool winds and the howling winds. What I don't like is the heat of the summertime, with it's 115F temps and not a cloud in the sky. I would rather sleep all day and stay up all night.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Check your phone bill

Today I received an email from "Instant 411", they said I had signed up for their service and my phone bill would have an additional 14.95 charged to it each month for their service. They had my address, phone number but it was under my husbands name and that made it weird because he doesn't use my email address.

I called their toll free number and they said Someone had signed up for it yesterday, well they are wrong. No one here signed up for this service. So I had them cancel it and block it this service from my phone number. So I can't be signed up for it again now. Hopefully. But how did they get all my info in the first place and who signed me up for this?

I think I should change all my passwords again. *sigh*

Friday, February 05, 2010

Making cookies

Here's a couple of pictures of the cookie decorating party.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Do certain songs make you cry?

I've been listening to the radio all day while editing my articles, and I ended up having to chance the station when a particularly sad song came on. It was Travelin soldier by the Dixie Chicks. How weird is that?

I started listening to the words in the song and I was getitng depressed from it. Wow, ya know what a depressing song.

So I changed the channela nd put on some Disturbed. lol Nothing depressing about them! with their hard rocking beats and screaming in your ears, there's no way to get sad listening to them.