Sunday, February 28, 2010

To much electronics in cars?

After all the problems toyota has been having with their gas pedals sticking, accelerating when they don't want to and the fact that the accelerater petal is not electronic when most cars didn't used to be that way. Maybe they should go back to the way it used to be.

When we go out to buy a car now a days we can't just pick a car based on how good it looks from the outside, how the gas mileage is on it, what color we want. No, now we have to be concerned if the manufacturers have installed to many electronics, if the electronics are installed correctly, if the gas petal is suddenly going to stick, if OnStar is listening to us, if the police can call OnStar and stop our cars if they suspect us of doing something illegal and if we'll be able to find a reliable mechanic that has the knowledge to fix all the electronic problems that might arise in the future.

Maybe it would jsut be easier to find a reliable older car and spend the money to getting it running real well. Then we wouldn't have to worry about onStar, sticking gas petals, too many wires and the guys who have knowledge working on those older cars can be found all over the place.


  1. It's not just cars that contain loads of electronics. Kitchen appliances like washing machines contain electronics too. I think it's part of "modern" technology. They work well and are very efficient, but if they go wrong the headaches are large.

  2. I really relate to this post! I hate glorified and extra electronics in cars, especially when they serve no vital function and cost so much to replace.

  3. That's just it. Everything seems to be getting so complicated, especially when they break. To get something fixed these days you have to find someone that wants to charge you through the nose.


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