Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Here's Baby

So this is baby, she is a dwarf hamster. About 3 inches long and weighs less than a pencil. lol So I was looking at her claws and just new today was going to be fun cause I was going to have to try and clip them. They were entirely too long. So the first thing I do is get a small plasic bucket and put about 1/4 inch of warm water in the bottom. I have this stuff called small animal shampoo that I added to the water, cause in their old age, well let;s just say that they get like some elderly people and they don't clean themselves as well as they did when they were young . lol And she was a stinky lil thing. I cleaned her cage while my hubby and daughter made sure she was ok in the water. I mean the water barely came up past her paws and she was running around in it. My hubby started cracking up at one ppoint when she ran to the corner of the bucket and threw herself on her back and wiggled her little butt in the water. She would thenturn over clean her face, run to the next corner and flip over again. LOL It really was funny to watch. So after I was done with her cage, I got her out of the water, and dried her off. They don't like to bed cold so we didn't run the air conditioning while she was wet and I took her in the bathroom and put her in the sink on a towel. I got the hair dryer and turned it on cool /low and started blowing some of the air on her from about 14inches back from her. She sat there just cleaning herself until she was dry. All clean, dry and smells a hell of a lot better, let me tell you. lol

Next thing...nails.
Yeah Think of this...a three inch ball of fur that can bite the hell out of you if she don't like what you are doing and trying to keep her still long enough so that when you clip down on the nail clippers you don't accidentally clip off a toe. But i have gotten good at this. hehehehe i have a small piece of wire cage that I hold and stick a piece of cheese through the other side so she puts her paws on the wire cage and eats the cheese with her claws nicely sticking out the other side. I just wait until she isn't moving and I can get a good piece of nail and cut. Works on the front paws but not the back ones. For that I needed help. I have my daughter give her some pudding on a spoon and I carefully clip the nails that are sticking over my daughters fingers as she eats her pudding. LOL All that took 3 hours. My day is done.

Friday, September 23, 2005


So for the past few days since it rained we have been inundated with crickets. Not the nice looking light colored ones with wings, we have had the bigass black ones that are ugly. Ewwww. Roach
So this morning I get up, go in the bathroom and what do i see staring at me from the lip of the toilet? Yep you got it...Mr. buggie. Buggie 2
Now think of this, I'm not even awake for 5 minutes, and i do not wake up in a good moood. lol I hardly have my eyes open, my hair is a complete mess and in a tangle all around my face, and I am standing there trying to figure out what to do. So I just knew he was thinking, "go ahead lady, try and sweep my cute little buggie ass in the toilet" Yeah thats what I was thinking and thats what I tried to do. Can you believe I actually thought it would work? No such luck though. As soon as i touched his big ugly buggie body he jumped straight in the air and landed waaay to close to my foot. So i screamed and then I thought, Oh Hell No. So I quickly woke up, bent over, snatched his little buggie butt fromt the floor and all the while I'm walking over to the hamster cage I can feel him squirming around in my hand...ewww Buggie 2
I Open the one of the hamster cages and throw him in it, now at 5am the hamsters are up and lively. Well my mean little hamster runs around the cage chasing down the menacing cricket and finally grabs him, and starts a snackin. Fly Eater LMAOMy sweet little dwarf hamster (ok so not so sweet since everytime I take him out he seems to want to eat my fingers) but anyway, he starts with the crickets head and starts chowing down. LOL
Take that Mr. buggie. Buggie 2

As I am sitting here writing this what do i feel on my foot? Yep, you guessed it a %^$#@ cricket. Well at least I know the hamsters like them. LLMAO

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Here are the boys

Here are my Gerbils. Honey and Spirit. I gave them each a pretzel just to get them to stop bouncing all over the couch so i could get a picture. lol They don't usually sit still for very long and don't even think about holding them, they'll jump right out of your hands. If I sit still on the couch they will run all over me, that is until my daughter comes over, snatches one up off the couch and tries to kiss him all over his wittle furry face. LOL

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Arts & crafts and keeping busy

Here's one of the Dreamcatchers I made for halloween. So Far I've made 6 of them cause my mom, brother and my neighbors wanted one after seeing the 2 on my wall. At least it's keeping me busy.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

The idiot next door.

So my next door neighbors are getting divorced and she took all her stuff out of the apartment. She left this poor guy with a small tv and a small night stand and his clothes. She took everything else, all the dishes, towels, everything. He's been sitting in the apartment drinking and passing out. She told me and my husband and the manager that her husband had a gun and planned on killing himself. So my husband and the apartment manager called the police and asked them to come and check on him and make sure he didn't have a gun. Well the police came out and went to the managers place and talked with them and then 10 more police cars showed up. My hubby called me and told me the police wanted me to close and lock the door and go to the other end of the apartment. 15 cops came to my next door neighbors door with their guns drawn and banged on his door yelling at him to open the door. He wouldn't and he had a security door on the door. They hadn't bothered getting the key from his wife for the security door and they couldn't get in. So they stood out there for what seemed like hours yelling at him and telling him to open the door. What happened was he passed out in the apartment and didn't hear them at the door, but they kept banging on the door anyway. Finally his wife called him on his cell phone and woke him up and he came to the door. He was put in hand cuffs and they were standing out front of my door yelling at him to tell them where his gun was, it turned out the gun was unregistered and he was taken to jail for a little while and then they took him to the adult mental facility to check him out cause he told his wife he was suicidal. They hospital let him go just a few hours after they talked to him. I guess he told them he wasn't going to do anything and they bel;ieved him or something. So now he is going to get evicted on the 1st of october and his wife is going to move back into their apartment. I was stuck in my apartment for 2 hours and when I called my husband to ask him if I could finally open the door he said the police would let me know when I could. They didn't let anyone come out of their apartment until after he was gone in the police car. I guess they didn't want anyone coming out looking at what they were doing while they had him in handcuffs and he was no danger to anyone around here. We should have been able to come out of our places alot sooner as soon as they had him in handcuffs I would ahve theought.

Friday, September 16, 2005

A very long week.

Well, it's been one hell of a long week. My step dad died last thursday and we buried him this past monday. I've spent all that time at my mom's helping her. I finally got home this morning and one of my brothers is going to stay with her over this weekend. After that she said she would be ok to be alone. I think now that we are through with the funeral, people coming in town and all the phone calls, she will be ok. I can understand her not wanting to be alone.

I know I shouldn't complain about this week, and I'm not. I'm going to rant about the stupid shit some people did this week. One in particular is my brothers newest girlfriend. She found out that my step father died in the hallway going into the bathroom, so while she was there in my moms house she refused to go in the bathroom alone. Now I can almost tolerate that. But...This was the very first time we met her. The night before the funeral my brother and I and his new girlfriend stayed with my mom at her place. Just keep in mind this is the first time we had met her. Well since she wouldn't go in the bathroom alone and wanted to spend the least amount of time in there as possible....she decides to disrobe completely in the living room and change into her nightgown. She stood there in front of me, my mom, my brother, and 2 neighbor women butt ass naked and changed her clothes. I swear I almost lost it.
She thought nothing of it and everyone in the living room was too stunned to say anything. I slept in the spare bedroom(where she could have changed her clothes) and she and my brother slept in the pull out bed in the living room. Well she decided she was tired at 8pm and made her bed up and turned the tv off in the living room and told everyone they needed to be quiet cause she needs her sleep. My mom said that it was only 8pm and she had friends over and that they would try to be quiet but if she thought she was going to have a problem she might want to get dressed and go home, well you never saw anyone turn over, shut the fuck up and go to sleep so fast.

That's all I have in me to rant about right now. I just can't believe some people can be so flippin dumb.

Thursday, September 08, 2005


I found a small puppy last night when I went for my walk. Now I mean this was a small small puppy, probably not more than a few weeks old. I knocked on all the doors right around the place where I found him and no body claimed him, so I brought him home with me and fed him and gavce him some water. Poor thing whined all night. He would cry unless he was up near my neck so I slept on the couch with him. I can't keep him, my daughter is allergic to cats and dogs and sure enough last night after she held him for a few minutes she started sneezing and her eyes got all red. So this morning I'm taking him to my moms. LOL I called her last night and her dog, Bootsie, is 14 years old and she knows he probably isn't going to live more than a couple more years. I think this dog is some kind of small terrier. So she said she would take him and she said she thought a good name was Henry. At least I know he'll have a good home, my mom spoils Bootsie like crazy.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

WTF is wrong with some people?

My daughter comes and asks me if she and 3 of her other friends can go to the movies last night. I said yes, but before you go I need to know what you are seeing, who's taking you, when you'll be back, what time the movie starts and ends and who's going.
I really didn't think I was asking to much. I mean all these girls are only 14 years old.
So they go back over to Tia's house and call the theatre to find out the times and how much it is. She calls me and tells me they are going to see the Cave and it ends at 7:20pm. Tia's dad was taking them and he said he would be there to pick them up at 9pm. I was like wait, 9pm? She said yeah that they wanted to go to the arcade in the the hotel and play some games. I was like it's going to be 7:30 at night and 4 teenage girls are going to be walking alone in the hotel? No this isn't a good idea. You see I know these girls and a couple of them are real bad apples. So I tell her to tell tia's dad that I expect them to be home at 8pm and I hear her tell hima and he says ok. So about 7:30 last night my daughter calls me and tells me that tia's dad called tia on her cell phne and told her they were having car trouble and he was going to be there at 9pm. I asked my daughter what they were going to do and do you know what she told me? She said well tia's dad gave us $20.00 for the arcade so were going to go play. Now tell me this......
If tia's dad had any intention at all of picking them up at 7:30 why did he give them money for the arcade?
And why didn't he just call me if he had car trouble to go and pick the kids up?
So I told my daughter to make suyre she stayed in the arcade that I would be there in a few minutes to pick them up.
I went over to tia's dads first to see if they were working on his car and of course they werent. I asked him why he didn't just call me to pick them up and he said he thought I was being to over protective. I was so pissed. I told him I was too mad to talk right then but when I got back with the kids we were going to talk. I went and picked the kids up at 8pm and of course one of them was gone. She went up on the roof. So we had to call ehr on her cell phone and she was like I don't have to come down I said well I dont have to give you a ride homw. lol So she got donw and I teold her mother what she did going on the roof and she did nothing, she said noithing. I just can't believe these parents. WTF is wrong witrh them? It's not me, I know I was right...These kids are 14 years old, anything could happen to them. So me and tias father had a long talk last night. He still thinks I am too over protective and should ahve let them stay in the arcade until 9 pm. Well thats not the problem. the problem is that he gave them money for the aracde and had no intention of picking them up when I asked and he lied to me. Thats not right. I'm sure I'll have more to right later after we talk again, cause my kid might not be able to go anywhere with him and his kid if he is going to lie to me. I may have to be the one to drive them and pick them up from now on. This is ridiculous.