Monday, December 28, 2009

Fire Safe Cigarettes

My husband got to talking about how the cigarettes have changes since they became Fire safe. I don't smoke, never have so I didn't notice anything different with them. Well, except for the cussing all the time from hubby because his cigarette goes out after less than a minute if he doesn't inhale on it.

That's the big thing on these cigarettes, you either inhale alot...alot more than some people were doing before they became fire safe, or your cigarette goes out and you have to relight it.

I was doing some research online about these cigarettes and found out that in order to make them fire safe, they had to use chemicals that have harmful proven side effects.

People are coughing more, getting headahes, light headed and sick to their stomaches just to name a few.

I don't think most people know that there are chemincals used in these new fire safe cigarettes than are more harmful now. Even the glue they use to seal the cigarette was changed and now has more chemicals in it to make the cigarette fire safe.

How crazy is that?

Now people who used to light a cigarette and for the most part just hold it in the hand and take the occasional puff...are having to take a puff every minute in order to keep it from going out...Does that sound like it's safer for people as well as being fire safe? I think not.