Thursday, June 02, 2005

Mormons at my door.

Today I had some Mormon Missionaries at my door. Now I was nice. lol Usually when the new Pastor for the church up the street comes around I say stuff like "Can't talk right now I'm about to sacrifice a chicken to the oven gods" lol But My dad was a Mormon Missionary when he was younger and I grew up a Mormon, I'm not one anymore but when I was a kid I went Primary school at the church. So when they asked me if they could come in and talk about Christ, I nicely but emphatically said I wasn't religious and didn't want to talk right now. I found out that my MOTHER sent the to my place. She has been having bible study every week and she didn't tell me. She really should have known better. They wouldn't take a hint and friggin leave. I finally had to say that I did my time in church and wouldn't be going back. The one guy had the nerve to ask me if I wanted to go to hell. I looked at him and said " Well maybe at least I won't have you people bothering me there" and then I closed the door. He pissed me off.

To me religion is a boring subject, especially when your not interested. Why is religion so boring? I don't know but it is, at least to me. I can think of several things less boring , the first being, watching grass grow. I would much rather spend my Sundays at the movie theatre watching a good movie. At least at the theatre I can choose what to worship that day depending on what mood I am in at the time. Do I feel like...Thrillers, Action, Slasher, drama, Horror, Aliens, Romance...ect..Different genres just as the different denominations invite a more active audience participation. That feeling of total euphoria and aew in the presence of a great film is something very few people in church are likely to feel these days. We get from film what we don't get from church or anywhere else..You can sit in your seat and be transported back in time, to another world, watching demons emerge from the walls or watch as life begins anew.