Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fly Paper

Is there anything worst than having that vomit colored fly paper hanging down from the ceiling in your apartment or house?
I can't think of anything at this point in time. A few years ago, I bought a few rolls of this sticky vomit colored paper and of course it caught several flies. ewww.

Now that summer is here again and I know the flies are going to be out in force, like a force of small flying creature of pure evil, hell bent on driving me insane! Ahem! I was thinking of getting some of those sticky yellow papers again. I just know it will go well with my decor, I mean they go well with every thing. How can they not? You have priceless china vases and beautiful leather sofas? No problem, just buy three of the yellow vomit colored sticky papers and hang them directly above the sofa and priceless china vases... no one will even notice!

Yeah right...not that I have priceless china vases or anything, but I don't want to fall on my ass when I have to somehow balance myself on a chair and stand on my tippie toes to tack that damned thing into the ceiling.

A note for parents and dog owners

It's that time of year again...summertime. It seems that each year we hear about parents forgetting their babies and toddlers in the car and the children die. I hate seeing that happen, it doesn't have to happen. Take the time to make sure there's no one in your back seat.

Dog owners: There is no good reason to take your dog with you on these hot days, to the store, to run errands or whatnot. Dogs get hot and should never be left inside hot cars. Let them stay at home where it's cool, inside the house with lots of water.