Saturday, November 26, 2011

My ratty boys

My daughter snapped this picture after the boys had their turkey dinner on thanksgiving. That's right, they had a little turkey, mashed potatoes and stuffing right along with us. Looks like the Tryptophan got to them as much as it gets to all of us. lol I finally have a picture with all 4 of my little cuddlers in it.

What to Get..what to get..

I do a lot of surveys for points that I can turn into Amazon gift cards and just cashed in a few and now have $50.00 to spend on what to get?

My wish list is over run with books, I put books in my wish list all the time. I have pages upon pages of books to buy and since these gift cards are pretty much free just for answering some questions I feel like I am getting books for free most of the time. But I just got an email that I will be getting another gift card for $25 for being picked to test a product for the next 6 weeks. I'm not allowed to say what the product is but it's something most people use everyday. :)So I am thinking I should save that money and wait until I have all my gift cards and then make a large purchase. Hmmm, what to get.

The last purchase I made with my gift cards was for more toys for the rat cage and some chew sticks for them, some of which they liked and some of which they ignored. I ended up giving the small rawhide bones I bought for th rats to my dad for his dog. lol I'm better off just putting a cardboard box in their cage and letting them tear that up instead of spending money on chew toys they won't even sniff.