Monday, January 04, 2010

Cancer scare.

My mom went through radiation for her throat cancer over ten years ago and she has been cancer free since then. Her mother, my granda had cancer is her ling, and breast and had a lumpectomy as well as half a lung removed and she recovered and was cancer free until she died in 1988. My family has been full of people who've had cancer and have died and my brother is sure he's going to get it one day because of all the cancer in the family.

I made up my mind along time ago that if I ever got any type of cancer I would not put myself though all those horrendous tests, or treatments. I've had enough surgeries and tests done on me, I'm done. I hate going to the doctor and I'm sure she hates me coming in because all we do is argue about what I will and won't do.

Anyway, my husbands doctor told him all the stomach problems he's been having for the past 2 years might be because of some sort of abdominal cancer and he is sending him for some tests. We go for the abdominal ultrasound on the 7th and to a Gastrointestinal specialist on the 18th. I'm sure that GI doc will have all sorts of nasty tests for hubby to take. But he's willing to go through them in order to find out what he has and he said he's willing to do any treatments to get rid of whatever it is too.

I swear, opposites attract because we have totally different views on this subject but all I can do is be there for him while he's going through all this. But I tell you, I won't have another surgery for any reason. It's just not happening and I've allready gone to a lawyer a few years ago and had a living will drawn up and put Hubby as my executor. He did the same with his and I'm his executor...just in case either of our families has a problem with anything.

The thing is while we have lived together for more than 20 years...we aren't legally married and in the state of nevada there's no common law marriage...which is ridiculous. So we had to get papers drawn up to make sure there were no problems.