Thursday, July 21, 2005

My friend Will, posted some beautiful pics on his blog and it gave me an idea. I'll post some too. lol
Well at least it's not as hot today. It's only 109 with 38% humidity. 40% chance of storms for the rest of the weekend too. But just a few days ago out at the airport they had a record high where they get the temperature for the record books. It was 117 degrees there and 123 in most parts of the valley. Man, it was awful. Now it's just sticky.

Big news today was a small plane crashing on take off at the North las Vegas airport. There were 3 passengers and 2 people were hurt but not seriously. The only reason I bring it up is soon as any kind of news happens these news channels compete for the first ones to cover what is happening. They say things and it turns out not to be true. Like they said there were only 2 passengers and it turned out to be 3. Then they said it was a 7up plane and it turned out to be a plane for the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) and the 2 passengers were smoke jumpers on their way to a fire. But the idiotic news people got some (expert) on planes live on the phone and he was saying usually only drug dealers use that kind of plane. Oh boy I bet they are in trouble now.

Then the news people n one channel were saying that some bystander drove through an airport fence and risked his own life to pull on of the passengers free and they had LIVE coverage of it. It turns out that the guy pulling the lady passenger out WAS the other passenger...#3 Boy did they have things messed up. He wasn't a bystander and he never drove his car through a fence. LOL sheesh they are in such a rush to be the 'first' to report anything they don't seem to care if they actually report the truth.