Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Digital signature Pads

I was reading another blog this morning and it talked about those digital signature pads that are so popular now a days for just about everything. UPS and FEDEX both use them to sign for packages and when you go to the hospital at least here, they have you sign your name on those digital pads.

I remember seeing them for the first time when UPS came to my door one day a couple of years ago and he told me how to sign the digital pad. I had never seen one and I couldn't put my entire name in because I had written my first name so big like I usually do, that I handed it back to him after writing my first name. He looked at it and asked me if that's how I was going to sign it and I said yes instead of telling him that I messed He asked what my last name was and pushed a couple buttons and went along his merry way.

Of course I've had that same UPS guy come back to deliver packages several times and I know he remembers me.

What I thought was really strange was how the E.R. used their digital signature pads. My hubby went in for out patient surgery last year and they had him sign all kinds of papers beforehand. But they told him to sign his name and then she would print the paperwork out and he could read what he had just signed but she couldn't print it out until he had signed it...Now that I thought was just weird. Why would they do it like that? What if patients didn't want to sign a form...they will not allow you to have surgery of any kind until you sign all their forms.

I remember when I went in for an emergency C-section they had me sign all the forms really fast but I refused to sign the form that would give them permission to give me a blood transfusion if I needed it. I don't beleive in taking blood from another human being, I also don't believe in donating organs, it's a personal choice and I refused to sign the paper. Well, now when you go to the hospital for a out patient service they make you sign the form and print it out and if you don't want opt in for a blood transfusing they have another form that they staple to the form you signed that says you opt out of the first form. Yeah I see this going really bad for someone like myself.

It really makes no sense to make someone sign the form in the first place if they want to refuse that service.