Tuesday, March 29, 2011

How Many Giveaways do You Enter?

Ya know a few years I hardly ever entered the online giveaways because I hardly ever won anything and the blog contests and giveaways weren't as popular as they are now. But a few months ago I got a little obsessed in entering every giveaway I sw online and for a while I was winning all sorts of stuff and had packages coming about twice a week. But then I started looking through all the stuff I was getting and had to pause for a minute because what in the heck was I going to do with all the books, rubber ducks, pens, pencils, pencil toppers, free samples of baby food, candles, and all sorts of other things I had been getting.

In one month a few months ago I entered into 150 different giveaways, sent away for 67 free samples, and won 2 gift cards to amazon.com...I ended up winning 3 of the blog contests that I had entered and whenh I got the books and read them I asked myslef why I had entered a giveaway for them when I knew form the description I wasn't going to like them.

I donated a bunch of books to my local library and gave some away to my friends. Now I make sure that I only enter giveaways for stuff I actually want or can use.

I have been using the free dog food I got for my rats because for some odd reason they love the stuff and the free baby samples I got I gave to my daughter to give to one of her pregnant friends.

I got a little obsessed there for a while but I am much better now...lol I still enter a lot of contests and giveaway and much to my husbands dismay I win quite a bit of books and get a lot of free samples. And it's nice to win things like baskets and swag bags too. I love getting stuff in the mail. lol

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Review: Pleasure Me by Monica Burns

Lady Ruth Attwood is a forty one year old courtesean who's younger lover just left her for a much younger woman. The fact that she was abandonded for someone younger seriously dents her feelings about her age. But her friends talk her into going to a ball where she meets young Garrick Stratfield.

Garrick is 12 years younger than Ruth and she thinks he is just being nice when he intervenes on her behalf at the ball, but she finds out different when she finds herself up against him for the purchase of a house they both want. Neither one knows they both want the large house for orphanages they both need to expand.

The more Garrick is around Lady Ruth the more he likes her and wants to be with her but he has a closely guarded secret, Garrick is a 29 year old virgin. When Garrick was younger his ruthless uncle found out about a physical birth defect Garrick had and mercessly teased and taunted him about it, now Garrick believes no woman will ever want him in her bed.

Lady Ruth is so reluctant to enter into a relationship with Garrick because of their age difference, she feels she is too old. But Garrick can barely keep his hands off of Ruth even though he is reluctant to complete the act of love making...that is until Lady Ruth gives him a way to come to her bed where he has no worry she will see what he is ashamed of.

Pleasure me is an emotional read that was hard to put down. The eventual love scene was built up just enough that I was waiting on the edge of my seat for it to happen and when it did the scene played out better than I could have expected and with an erotic twist I couldn't have anticipated.

Monica Burns does an exceptional job of perfectly combining dramatic confrontations, emotional storylines and white hot sex scenes.

I give it a 5 out of 5

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Boycott Dorchester

A writer that I really like has a blog post about what Dorchester Publishing is doing to its writers and today was the first I had heard about this. But if you want to know what I'mk talking about please click here to visit Brian Keene's blog post about what Dorchester Publishing is doing.

In a nut shell they have stopped paying their writer's their royalty checks and any other monies they are owed for the past year because they aren't making enough money to pay everyone. Dorchester is also going to an all ebook format, which so many of us readers won't like.

I am making sure that I don't buy anything from Dorchester until I read that they are treating their writer's the way they should, what they are doing is wrong.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sizzling Hot Book Reviews Contest

Sizzling Hot Book Reviews is having a feeback giveaway just for giving a little feedback about thier site. They have a really nice set of things you can pick from if you win including some great books. Just click on this link or the title of this blog post.

Click Here For Contest

Monday, March 14, 2011

Operation Auction

Anyone in the Romance Novel or blog community knows Fatin. She recently lost her husband in a senseless act of violence, leaving her to raise her four children alone. The Romance community is coming together to help her with Ebay auctions the end of march. Read more about it at this link.

Operation Auction

My heart goes out to her and her family. More and more people are adding to the things that will be auctioned on Ebay at the end of this month to help her and her kids out. I urge everyone to bid on something because this is really for a great cause.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Digital signature Pads

I was reading another blog this morning and it talked about those digital signature pads that are so popular now a days for just about everything. UPS and FEDEX both use them to sign for packages and when you go to the hospital at least here, they have you sign your name on those digital pads.

I remember seeing them for the first time when UPS came to my door one day a couple of years ago and he told me how to sign the digital pad. I had never seen one and I couldn't put my entire name in because I had written my first name so big like I usually do, that I handed it back to him after writing my first name. He looked at it and asked me if that's how I was going to sign it and I said yes instead of telling him that I messed up.lol He asked what my last name was and pushed a couple buttons and went along his merry way.

Of course I've had that same UPS guy come back to deliver packages several times and I know he remembers me.

What I thought was really strange was how the E.R. used their digital signature pads. My hubby went in for out patient surgery last year and they had him sign all kinds of papers beforehand. But they told him to sign his name and then she would print the paperwork out and he could read what he had just signed but she couldn't print it out until he had signed it...Now that I thought was just weird. Why would they do it like that? What if patients didn't want to sign a form...they will not allow you to have surgery of any kind until you sign all their forms.

I remember when I went in for an emergency C-section they had me sign all the forms really fast but I refused to sign the form that would give them permission to give me a blood transfusion if I needed it. I don't beleive in taking blood from another human being, I also don't believe in donating organs, it's a personal choice and I refused to sign the paper. Well, now when you go to the hospital for a out patient service they make you sign the form and print it out and if you don't want opt in for a blood transfusing they have another form that they staple to the form you signed that says you opt out of the first form. Yeah I see this going really bad for someone like myself.

It really makes no sense to make someone sign the form in the first place if they want to refuse that service.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Having Fun In The Summertime Heat

In the summertime here in Las Vegas we usually have temps around 115F and it might be hard to find things to do with your kids outdoors because of the heat. But right near my apartment we have a really nice park that the city just fixed up 2 years ago. It has a pond as well as ducks, geese, and if you bring food even the pigeons and other birds will love you.

A little ways away there is a really nice kiddie park with swings, slides, and all sorts of other things for the little ones to do. Not all of us live in houses or can afford backyard swing sets or the other larger toys that kids love to play on. But with the free parks you don't need to have a lot of money and it doesn't have to be done during the hottest part of the day since most of the parks are open until 11pm and they open failry early in the morning.

I used to go to the park early in the morning just to feed the ducks and the geese because there aren't a lot of people there in the morning and it was so peaceful.

My husband and I used to take our daughter to the park all the time since it was so close to where we live and we have a bunch of really cute pictures of our daughter feeding the ducks, geese and playing on the toy train and slides that the park had. This particular park even has a rose garden that is free to go in and walk around it. The smell of roses always makes me feel better, I mean how could you be in a bad mood after smelling so many gorgeous flowers?

There's always something fun to do here and you don't always have to spend a bunch of money to do it.

Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Congratulations to both my brother's on their weddings.

This is my younger brother and his new wife, Lynnece. This is a great picture.

My older brother and his new wife, Melissa got married the other day. They look great together, what a pretty picture.

Aren't my brother's handsome guys.