Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Do You Tip?

I was watching a show on tv a while back and it showed this server in a restaurant ranting about not getting an 18% tip on all the people who ate at the place she works. Now while I do understand that servers/wait staff don't make big bucks, they know what they are going to be making when they apply for or take the job, no one forces them to be a server and a tip is not mandatory of customers.

This lady said if you expect to get good service that they expect to get a good tip of at least 18% but in my opinion she is wrong. Good service is what they are paid to do, it's not mandatory for customers to give them a tip for a service that's already being paid for. That's their job!

Expecting a tip from everyone or bitching about a small tip is rude and ridiculous. If someone thinks their waitperson was nice/helpful enough to leave them any sort of tip, even a couple of bucks change, then that person should remember they didn't have to and be thankful for it.

Tips are for good service rendered. Not just because you brought out the food and never came back and did your job of asking if anyone needed a refill, something else or if I have to hound the other servers to get my check because you never come back to my table after bringing the food.

You pay for your food and anything extra should not be 'expected and bitched about if you don't get it'. If I felt like giving a tip, I will. If the service was bad and the server had a bad attitude, I'm not leaving a tip. You took that job knowing full well that you would be having to wait on customers and be friendly. I worked in a bakery/deli and never got a tip and I made sandwiches, donuts, sliced people's cold cuts and cheese and made party platters all day, but I did it with a smile because that's what I got paid to do.

Not everyone who works with the public gets a tip. The people in the bakery/deli who slice your cold cuts and cheese don't get tips, doctors who make sure you are alright don't get tips, the cashier at the grocery store doesn't get a tip.

And don't even get me started on those places that put out a tip jar right by the cash register and expect a tip like Starbucks, port of subs, subway and other fast food places that seem to be doing it. They get paid for doing their job and I expect to pay the price on the wall, next to what I am getting. I don't tip at those places.

The one thing I will say is if I order food and have it delivered, I usually tip the person who brings it to me. I do tip when going out to eat, although I really don't go out to eat all that often anymore. I just don't think the servers should be getting all ranty and indignant if they don't get the 18% tip they are looking for. If I throw a couple of bucks on the table after a meal, smile and be happy you got anything at all, because believe me if I hear a snarky remark about a small tip...you'll never get another tip from me.

I was being nice one time when I went to Port of subs and left $2 in the tip jar after the ladies made our two sandwiches. They had been nice and I was feeling generous and so when she gave me my change, I put it in the tip jar and on my way out I heard her say to the other lady, "Two bucks? Can you believe this shit?"

There was no one else in the store at the time and she didn't even have the common courtesy to wait until we were completely out the door before she took the money out and said that. so whenever we wanted sandwiches again from port of subs, I made sure to go on days I knew they were working and got them then. I never gave another tip. Oh and yeah, I called the 1-800 number and complained about them too. It pissed me off just that much. I wasn't worried about retribution since you watch them through the glass making the sandwiches..they couldn't spit in my food in the back like I'm sure they would have given the chance.

Yeah I'm pessimistic/negative and irritated with the whole tip thing. It's probably a good thing I don't go out much..because I'm not a good tipper.