Thursday, January 05, 2006


So I went to the mall with my daughter and used out gift certificates to a shop in the mall. I used my gift certificate online a few days ago and thought I had only $5.00 left on it so I only got one thing while I was there. But the guy tells me that the ful $25.00 isstill left on it, so I got more stuff, I was happy as hell. ;) But figured that whatever I got online didn't go through. So I get home and what is waiting for me? A box of stuff from the same shop I just shopped at. Yep, somehow they never took the money off the gift certificate when I ordered online and so I go all that stuff for free, then I look in the box and there is a pair of $38.00 jeans that just happen to fit my daughter in the box that I didn't order and they aren't on the receipt, they just gave them to me by mistake! So with my $25.00 gift certificate I got $50.00 worth of merchandise and a free $38.00 pair of jeans for my daughter. How cool is that. (the shops name was left out of this post for apparent reasons.) heh heh