Friday, August 28, 2009

Freebirthing/ Unassisted Births

I recently saw a show about this on cable. I don't even remember what channel it was on. I looked into freebirthing and the use of midwives. While I had my child in a hospital and had prenatal care, some of these women don't believe in any kind of prenatal care or doctors just in case something goes wrong.

I read one story where a couple went out in the wilderness, miles and miles away from anyone and didn't even carry a cell phone just in case. She went through labor and birth in a lake where they had set up camp. Thankfully everything was fine, but what if they had had some complication?

I had all my prenatal check ups, all my blood tests came back fine and I still had to have an emergency c-section because she had her first bowel movement before she was born and is cut down the amount of oxygen she was getting, so much so that she had 2 seizures when she was born. Can you imagine what would have happened to her if I decided to let nature take it's course and not go to the hospital?

I sometimes wonder if something were to happen to one of these babies and these parents are out in the wilderness, if they would just bury their dead child and never tell anyone what happened? Could they get away with that? I have no idea.

I do believe that women have the right to decide what's done with their bodies, but we don't have the right to endanger our childs' life when it's about to be born.

Start Sampling

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