Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Bookshelves are Out of Control

I knew that I was running out of room on my bookshelves and that's why I decided to buy two wall hanging book shelves because I don't have any more floor space either. I've tried weedling down the amiunt of books I keep...but that never works...they are all 'keepers'. If you are a reader like me you know what I'm talking about.

I thought it was funny, the other day the mailman asked my hubby what are in all the little packages he keeps delivering for me and Ken told him it's mostly books that his wife wins, buys, gets for free, ect..

The mailman looked at him very seriously and told him he should get me some help before it gets out of hand. My mailman thinks I am a book hoarder! I'm not even kidding. Ken told this guy that I have about 2000 books and he went off...I mean literally went off about how it's dangerous to ahve so many books and he should put a stop to it right now. That these little apartments can't store that many books without someone getting hurt. I kid you not, Ken said the mailman was just letting loose. lol

But anyway, I expect to be buying a couple more books with the gift card I should be getting for doing some surveys. Hey, I spend a little time doing surveys and get free books. I think that's a fair exchange. I could buy other stuff on Amazon and some times I do like rat food and toys and a few days ago since Ken said that I never ever get him anything with my gift cards, I bought a Figi's sausage and cheese sampler. I think he will be very happy.

Now I'm off to make some more room for those books I'll be getting next week. LOL