Saturday, June 09, 2012

Posting Death on FB

In the past year I've seen several death's posted on fb, I have even posted about my own mother's passing last year. But it seems sometimes the death postings either are in bad taste at least to some people or friends are in such a rush to be the first one to offer a R.I.P. to someone that they forget that the person who passed away has a family and all of them may not have been notified as of yet. 

If you post a R.I.P. and get a comment back like, "What do you mean aunt Ethel died? What the hell happened to her?"

You may have posted your condolences too soon. 

There's one more thing I have wondered about after a person dies. Why does their family find it necessary to take down their fb page after all his fb friends have said their condolences on it? I had a friend who passed away and dozens of his friends and family said their condolences on his fb wall over the course of a year then all of the sudden one day his account was gone, deleted. His friends thought it was kinda rude of his family to take the page down without no notice whatsoever. 

I kept my mom's fb page up and our family and her friends still go and post messages on it, I don't see the need to take it down.