Saturday, July 02, 2005

Well Not to long ago I made my final payment on the old car and we own it outright now. It's a friggin hack of a car. This splendid piece of red monstrosity has served as my get around car for the past 8 years. It has been referred to by many names, most of them made up by my hubby. The worthless piece of red crap, the mary mobile, the Roadkill dodge of has taken me to the hospital, to my daughters school, and to the store...I don't dare take it out of town cause I know if I do it will decide it's been good enough and break down on me.
I never smoked in the car, cause I don't smoke but everyone I know does and the tell-tale signs are there. Little ashes all over the arm rests, burn marks in the seats and a stinky ashtray.
Of course I'm a safe driver but one time I got into a small, very small fender bender with another car and the door wouldn't open. So what do I do? Do I go home and tell my hubby? Do I ask my brother to fix the door? No I grab ahold of the door and pull and tug and huff and puff until I hear the creaky, squeeky tearing of car flesh. So instead of having a small dent there was a huge hole. lol Couldn't very well hide that now could I? lol
I Have given my aughter a little money each month to clean out the back of the car where numerous coke and frappuccino bottles adorn the floor, and I'm sure there are enough stale chips down in behind the seats to feed a small Ethiopian family for a month. My stereo works, but my speakers don't. I like listening to all the whining the car makes anyway. But despite all the whining, and pings I hear the car is still very reliable, at least I think it is.
My hubby said he will be getting his license back next month, not the first time in the past year he has said so so i'm not overly worried I will be kicked out of my car, but he tells me that once he is in the car and the primary driver things are going to change...Mainly the things I put in the car are going to change. I put in a skull air fresheneer and he said he wants it gone, I put in a red dragon steering wheel cover and he said he wants something more mellow, i put in comfy fluffy black seat covers and he said he doesn't like them they are too dark. Finally I said well I'll keep this car and you go get your own. lol I just hope he doesn't put pink ruffles or something in it. LOL ok, yeah that was mean. LOL