Sunday, September 18, 2005

The idiot next door.

So my next door neighbors are getting divorced and she took all her stuff out of the apartment. She left this poor guy with a small tv and a small night stand and his clothes. She took everything else, all the dishes, towels, everything. He's been sitting in the apartment drinking and passing out. She told me and my husband and the manager that her husband had a gun and planned on killing himself. So my husband and the apartment manager called the police and asked them to come and check on him and make sure he didn't have a gun. Well the police came out and went to the managers place and talked with them and then 10 more police cars showed up. My hubby called me and told me the police wanted me to close and lock the door and go to the other end of the apartment. 15 cops came to my next door neighbors door with their guns drawn and banged on his door yelling at him to open the door. He wouldn't and he had a security door on the door. They hadn't bothered getting the key from his wife for the security door and they couldn't get in. So they stood out there for what seemed like hours yelling at him and telling him to open the door. What happened was he passed out in the apartment and didn't hear them at the door, but they kept banging on the door anyway. Finally his wife called him on his cell phone and woke him up and he came to the door. He was put in hand cuffs and they were standing out front of my door yelling at him to tell them where his gun was, it turned out the gun was unregistered and he was taken to jail for a little while and then they took him to the adult mental facility to check him out cause he told his wife he was suicidal. They hospital let him go just a few hours after they talked to him. I guess he told them he wasn't going to do anything and they bel;ieved him or something. So now he is going to get evicted on the 1st of october and his wife is going to move back into their apartment. I was stuck in my apartment for 2 hours and when I called my husband to ask him if I could finally open the door he said the police would let me know when I could. They didn't let anyone come out of their apartment until after he was gone in the police car. I guess they didn't want anyone coming out looking at what they were doing while they had him in handcuffs and he was no danger to anyone around here. We should have been able to come out of our places alot sooner as soon as they had him in handcuffs I would ahve theought.