Tuesday, May 31, 2005


What the heck am I still doing up? I never even went to sleep last night. Nothing like a great case of insomnia to start the day off, eh? Maybe it has something to do with the fact that the guy next door has been playing his stereo so loud all night that all I can think about is having his head hanging from my wall? Oh yeah, I went and knocked on his door but guess what, he didn't answer, you know why? Because he isn't even home! That's right, his stereo is up loud as hell and I know why, you see we've been through this before. He sleeps in his living room and sets his stereo to go off as his alarm clock but sometimes for what ever reason it goes off again after he leaves at night for work and it stays on all night. So, I'm up at 4 am waiting for 6am to roll around when I know he'll be coming home from work and I plan on catching his little butt before he gets inside and giving him a small but very angry, piece of my mind. I could have called the apartment managers and had them go into his apartment and turn the stereo down but if I did that again they were going to give him a 30 day no cause to move out. Well, that's what they told him last time and since it seems I'm the only one who couldn't sleep last night I figured I would just make sure he knows that he OWS ME!
Plus, I didn't want to be the cause he gets kicked out, but he doesn't need to know that know does he. ?