Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Morning

I thought I would share with you what happened during my morning today...such as it is. I knew as soon as I got up and came into the living room where my rats cage is that they needed a cleaning. They tore up their new bed...little bits of stuffing looked like it exploded all over the cage and they tore the top blanket off and pee'd everywhere up there. ewww stinky.

So I moved the cage over *It's on wheels Wheeee* and that's when I saw it...they had also dumped the food bowl out on the side of the cage and little bits of this and that rat food was spread all over the floor. Good grief they are messy little brats.

So I took out the rats *except for Ares and brodie who choose to cower in their beds on the top shelf* they only like coming out for a few seconds at a time and being able to jump right back in their cage. Jasper and Hades love being out.

I took all the baby blankets an fleece from the cage and put it in bags to wash later and wiped the whole cage down. Now I think my largest rat, Jasper has taken up stalking me when I'm not looking. Because I turn around to make sure they are fine on the couch and he is hanging on to the side of the cage and trying to climb on top on the cage to come over and stare at me while I clean. Being the good rat momma I am and not wanting him to go splat on the floor, I pick him up put him back on the couch and move the cage over so he can't get back on it. But he comes over to the side of the couch and looks anyway. Then gives me the "Well that wasn't nice" look.

Anyway I finally get all the clean fleece in the cage, put the baby blankets on the cage and fill the food bowl up and I see that Ares is inside the new bed and shredding the fluff stuffing. lol Well, I guess it won't be long before that's in the garbage, but for now it's holding together and since they like to sleep in it I'll leave it in there. Good thing I kept the big plastic igloo...I have a feeling I'll be putting that back in there pretty soon.