Thursday, May 31, 2012

Music Videos That "Do It" for Me

Are there some music videos that you watch and think..."Omg, that so hot." are there some music videos that have subtle sexual overtones that feed your fantasies? Of course there are, we're only human after all. This video always did it for me. I don't know if it's the guy in the mask, because guys in masks really do it for me...let me tell you. Or the fact that when he finally gets her in her bedroom he grabs her by the back of the hair and gently forces her down, while she looks up a little scared. Yeah, it's probably all of that and more..but in any case, this video does it for me. This is one of those videos that have a really good looking guy...and omg he is good looking, those eyes! *falls out of chair* Not to mention all the sexual innuendo going on in this video..Oh goodness. Watching guys dance is another thing that does it for me. Especially when they are dancing sexy like the guys do in this video. I liked this song before I ever saw the video and when I watched the video, I was like...omg wow. I replayed the parts with the group of guys dancing together just so I could watch them bump and grind..whew. Now this is a good one. it's dark, kinda scary and the lead singer David Draiman is sex personified. He has a lot of time right up close in front of the camera so you see he looks a little scary at times, he's hot, and he seems like a bad bad. And who doesn't like a bad boy? Am I right? So there you have it. My top picks for music videos that 'do it' for me. :)