Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Obama Score Card

I found this online..I did not write this, but I really like it. Pass it on if you like it.


1.) CAMPAIGN FINANCE REFORM… the 1st bold faced LIE
4.) CLOSE GITMO… oops hat-trick, grand slam & triple crown
5.) STOP IRAN NUKES… ya think
7.) NO LOBBYISTS… yeah, right
8.) CUT THE NATIONAL DEBT… don’t bank on it
9.) UNEMPLOYMENT UNDER 8%... still working on it
10.) REPEAL “DON’T ASK DON’T TELL”… don’t even ask
11.) REPEAL THE “PATRIOT ACT”… repeal that promise
12.) NO TERROR ATTACKS IN THE USA… poof – up in smoke
13.) IMMIGRATION REFORM… adios amigos
14.) BI-PARTISAN LEADERSHIP… stop laughing
17.) A ‘GREEN’ ENERGY POLICY… a ‘slick’ idea
18.) GET THE GIRLS A PUPPY… Y-E-A-H! Woof-Woof: “Yes We Can!”

1 out of 18 in 18 months… Still HOPING for all that CHANGE, America…


Sunday, June 27, 2010

Blog Contest and Giveaway!

Well this is my first Blog Contest and Giveaway!
All you have to do to win both of these books and a $15.00 Borders Gift card is leave a comment on this post by July 5th. I will put everyone's name in a bowl and draw a winner July 6th.

Both of these books have been read once by me, but I'm very careful with my books so there are no wrinkles in the binding, they both look Brand New!

I love romance books so much and I have been very lucky lately with winning books on other blogs, that I thought it would be nice to give back and share a little with some one else. :)

So what are you waiting for....leave me a comment and be entered to win these books and a $15.00 gift card to Borders!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Sign up to be a Nescafe Tasters choice Brand Ambassador

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Those interested can simply click on the title of this post, it's a direct link to the site where you can sign up.

Things that make me laugh in romance books

Some people do not read romance books, *gasp* but I do and for the most part I really love them. But there are a few things that I'll read in a book that will make me chuckle at times. These things are as follow:

The author has given the hero's penis a whole new feel by calling it things like: an engorged, pulsing love log, or a glistening love muscle that has a length of more than 12 inches and she's not running for the door.

You feel so dirty after reading it, you make an appointment with your gynecologist just to make sure you're alright, 'down there'.

Too much Fireman imagery, such as: "Their lust burned brighter than a three alarm fire." or, "His glistening pole of fire was burning hot for her flaming loins."

It may contain a phrase that just sounds silly, like: "His tongue snaked along her back, leaving a moist trail even a snail would be proud of."

She has an orgasm just from having her toes sucked.

She becomes a sex goddess 2 minutes after having her first orgasm...ever! and teaches him a thing or two..even though she was a virgin just a few minutes ago.

Monday, June 21, 2010

My daughter turns 19

Here's my daughter again. This is Elizabeth and her boyfriend. This is my favorite picture of them.

My Daughter turns 19

I still can't believe that my daughter is going to be 19 years old on June 22nd. This is her holding a bunny that Ken found in the alley behind our apartment. We found the lil bunny a home and he is very happy now.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Some people talk to much

Have you ever run across a person who upon meeting you for the first time tells you things about themselves that you wouldn't tell your therapist?

Most times when I meet a new person I will say Hi and introduce myself and then wait to see how they act. I'm usually quiet in person until I get to know you. I like to watch people, you learn a lot more about people if you sit back and watch.

Some people upon meeting you have a bad tendency to start talking about how they were in jail, had an affair, are divorced because they beat their spouse, smoke pot, used to do hard drugs, and have never gotten along with their mother.

Seriously? I've had people tell me intimate details about their life after meeting me for the first time and I just don't understand why someone would do that.

Then there are other people who like to make themselves look like bad asses. You know the type, a guy will see you talking with your man and he will say to your man that he would never let his woman talk that way to him in front of his friends that he would smack her and teach her how to act around his friends.


Someone will tell you that they spent years in prison for this or that and they now have 'connections'. You know the type who will tell you that they killed someone but never got caught, or they used to steal cars but never got caught because they were just that good. Or their family is so rich they can buy their way out of any problems..even though they are living in a one room apartment..yeah their family is loaded!

If you want to be respected for being a bad ass, then act like it...don't just talk shit. When someone gets in your face, don't back down and then later say..if you hadn't stopped me I would have killed him. Yeah sure dude, you're so bad ass.

Contest over on Book Junkie!

Just click on the title of this post (it's a link) and you will go right to the site.
You could win the book, Desire Me from Robyn DeHart!

There are 5 books being given away for this contest, so come on over and try to win one :)

If the link in the title doesn't work, just go here..

Have fun and let me know if you win.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Father's Day

>So it's almost father's Day and I want to take this time to say Happy father's Day to all the father's out there.

I already bought something for my hubby but it didn't turn out exactly the way I wanted. I bought a gift basket from Wisconsin Cheeseman on amazon.com and they weren't supposed to send it until this week...but they sent it on the 7th of this month.

And on top of that my hubby didn't even like the sausages and cheese that came in the box. lol I have to admit they weren't as good as let's say Hickory farms or some of the other places that sell the stuff.

So tomorrow I'm making lemon cupcakes and on father's day I'll be making steak for dinner.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Siren's Call By Devyn Quinn

Siren’s Call

Between desire and love there are some things that can’t stay buried, even in the deep of the ocean.

As a woman with a secret, lighthouse keeper Tessa Lonike savors her solitude on the island of Little Mer, off the coast of Maine. During a violent storm, Tessa spots a man thrashing in the ice cold waters and dives in to save him, using her ability as a mermaid to easily pull him to shore.

When Kenneth Randall awakens on the beach he is alone, left with the haunting memory of his beautiful, flame-haired savior. But a year later, when Kenneth meets her again, he’s determined not to let Tessa slip away. Just as the desire between them begins to burn, Tessa’s archaeologist ex-lover comes back to town with a tantalizing clue to her murky heritage.

The trio travel to the Mediterranean in search of answers, and when Tessa inadvertently opens an underwater portal they find a lost mermaid city. But in the deep, not everything is as it seems, and Tessa must decide if she wants to take her place as the royal heir, or follow the call of her heart…

“Siren’s Call is a thoroughly mesmerizing ride — Quinn throws open the doors to an unbelievable world where nothing is as expected. At once terrifying and fascinating and unbelievably entertaining, this is a book you won’t forget.” -Kate Douglas, bestselling author of Wolf Tales & The DemonSlayers

“The author fully pulled me into her world that she created in her mind and put down on paper. I wasn’t left confused or needing to backtrack some pages to figure out what she was talking about, everything flowed smoothly. This story quickly drew me in and was overall fun. It is the first book in a new series called Dark Tides. I am definitely interested in reading the next book in this series. 4.5 Stars. ” – Night Owl Romance

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fly Paper

Is there anything worst than having that vomit colored fly paper hanging down from the ceiling in your apartment or house?
I can't think of anything at this point in time. A few years ago, I bought a few rolls of this sticky vomit colored paper and of course it caught several flies. ewww.

Now that summer is here again and I know the flies are going to be out in force, like a force of small flying creature of pure evil, hell bent on driving me insane! Ahem! I was thinking of getting some of those sticky yellow papers again. I just know it will go well with my decor, I mean they go well with every thing. How can they not? You have priceless china vases and beautiful leather sofas? No problem, just buy three of the yellow vomit colored sticky papers and hang them directly above the sofa and priceless china vases... no one will even notice!

Yeah right...not that I have priceless china vases or anything, but I don't want to fall on my ass when I have to somehow balance myself on a chair and stand on my tippie toes to tack that damned thing into the ceiling.

A note for parents and dog owners

It's that time of year again...summertime. It seems that each year we hear about parents forgetting their babies and toddlers in the car and the children die. I hate seeing that happen, it doesn't have to happen. Take the time to make sure there's no one in your back seat.

Dog owners: There is no good reason to take your dog with you on these hot days, to the store, to run errands or whatnot. Dogs get hot and should never be left inside hot cars. Let them stay at home where it's cool, inside the house with lots of water.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Theatre, Renting movies or On Demand?

I love watching movies, horror movies. But I really do not like going to the theater and having to listen to people crunching and munching on their popcorn, chips or slurping their soda. I don't like paying 10 dollars for a small popcorn and a small soda for myself and having to miss part of the movie to go to the restroom.

I don't like having to put up with idiots who bring their babies who sit and cry all the way through the movie. I mean seriously, who brings a baby to a movie like Predators and doesn't think their kid is going to cry when they see monsters on the big screen? Idiots.

I don't like having to put up with unchaperoned kids who are kicking my back seat, talking behind me, throwing popcorn at each other, making out in the back seats or all have their damned cell phones out with back-lit screens texting all the way through the movie.

Renting movies is a bit better especially with the new Red Box rental places that seem to be popping up everywhere. For a dollar you can rent a movie for a night. That's not too bad. But you have to have a credit card in order to use the Red Box. I don't really like using my debit card for things like this, I just don't trust them not to screw me over and take more money out or steal money from me somehow. Or have the box get broken into and have my information in there somewhere and it just not be safe. I'm a little paranoid when it comes to using my debit card for purchases like this and believe it or not, I don't have a credit card. I like paying for what I want and not putting it on credit. I do have a paypal debit card, but again it's hooked directly to me paypal account which is hooked to my bank account.

I also have a Sears Credit card but I hardly ever use it. If I want something I'd rather save the money and pay for it now. Then I don't have to make payments for it or have a credit card balance. But that's just me.

I could rent from Blockbuster or netflix. Oh don't even get me started on netflix. I used to have netflix and while I loved it. I hate my mailman. I know he was stealing my dvd's. I had 8 dvd's go missing in 2 years. So I canceled the service.

Blockbuster is alright but they charge too much for a movie that you have to bring back within a certain amount of time or you get charged again.

I've come to depend on On Demand for my movies. They usually have the new movies as soon as they are released on dvd and for 5 bucks I can rent the movie, have it to watch again for 24 hours and be able to pause it for a bathroom break and not have to worry about returning it on time.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Smith's Chicken sandwich

Ken and I were at Smith's grocery store the other night doing a bit of shopping and I had a buy one get one free coupon for their new hot chicken sandwich so we decided to get a couple and eat them on the way home.

We get in the car and open them up, first off they were luke warm, smashed in the packaging and smelled bad.

We looked at one another and took a bite. I immediately spit mine back in my hand and Ken chewed for a second before doing the same.

It was awful!

I'm not even kidding. It was the worst tasting thing I've ever eaten and I like pickled pigs feet, so that should tell you something right there.

Good grief, so if you happen to see the new hot chicken sandwiches in the Smith's grocery stores...do yourself a favor and just keep walking. They suck!

Friday, June 11, 2010


What is it about stepping outside into the bright blue world that gets some of us all uptight? I really never liked being out and around other people all that much but some days are just worst than others. Like today I had to go out early and go to the doctor for the headaches, swollen feet and hives that I'm having problems with.

Found out I'm having Migraines..got medicine for that, hope it works.
Got a topical cream for the hives- hope it works.

Then my doctor is now sending me to the radiologists office to find out if I have a blood clot in my legs. Oh great. Seems like every time I go to the doctor they find something else wrong with me. But the up side is, if it's not a blood clot and not my heart then it's probably just too much salt.

Let's hope.

But this just means I have to go back out on the 15th to get the ultrasound on my legs. I really don't like going out. Sometimes it's get so bad, I have a panic attack. I'd much rather stay inside.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Tom Cruise

I saw Tom Cruise was back in the news this week because of a dance he did with Jennifer Lopez on one of those award shows. I don't watch most award shows so I don't know which one it was.

But I have to say, I will never watch another movie Tom Cruise is in...ever. A few years ago I was watching Matt Lauer interview him on the Today show and he said some of the craziest things I've ever heard. One of the things was that there's no real science behind the fact that doctors have said some people have chemical imbalances and that's why they have depression. That vitamins can cure postpartum depression and women shouldn't be taking anti-depressants to help them through postpartum depression. His exact words are below.

Cruise said, "These drugs are dangerous. I have actually helped people come off.
"When you talk about postpartum, you can take people today, women, and what you do is you use vitamins. There is a hormonal thing that is going on, scientifically, you can prove that. But when you talk about emotional, chemical imbalances in people, there is no science behind that. "You can use vitamins to help a woman through those things."

So what he's saying is all those countless people who have chemical imbalances...like myself and need antidepressants to keep from sinking into a hole swallowing depression, are full of shit? We don't really need the medicines? Really? I guess he's a doctor now...He actualy said that there's no such thing as a chemical imbalance. What an idiot.

No, he's not a doctor he's a scientologist. One of the many people who believe that drugs and doctors are bad...bad and we should never got to them.

First of all, postpartum depression is caused by hormones in the body that build up while the mother is pregnant and rapidly go back to normal after childbirth, which leaves the poor mother feeling like crying, depressed and her moods are completely out of whack.

Now of course not all women are going to have a bad case, I did though. My postpartum depression lasted for 6 months, it was awful and I tell you right now,,,vitamins were not going to get rid of it.

he went on to say he looked into psychiatry and disagrees with it. That children shouldn't be on drugs for ADHD or depression. They should use vitamins and exercise instead. WTF? I really think he made himself look like an ass and he showed his true colors in that interview..people need to remember that Tom Cruise when he makes a new movie and wants people to spend their hard earned movie to go see it.

Maybe Tom Cruise should stop acting and go to school to become a doctor...but wait he doesn't like doctors so where does that leave him. Off my tv forever..that's where.

Monday, June 07, 2010


I was in the grocery store and this lady came up to me and put her hands on my hair. Now she said how pretty and long it was, but that's not the point...some people think they can just come up to you and touch you. I'm not all that comfortable with strangers coming up to me and just running their hands through my hair...it's plain damn weird.

Yes, I accept when you have hair down to your butt, you may on occasion catch people looking at it and even once in a while get a compliment and i won't kid you...that's nice. But...I have to draw the line at some strange lady coming up behind me, running her hand through my hair and telling me it's nice.

Just as I thought it was weird for someone to think they had the right to touch my belly when I was pregnant...which I think is totally inappropriate by the way.

I won't lie, I have on occasion seen a tattoo on a guy and thought damn...he's totally hot, i would love to rub my hands all over him..yum! But!...I didn't just go up to said strange man and run my hands down his arms telling him how much I liked his tattoo...no, I know that would be inappropriate. Why can't other people see this?

You want to compliment someone...do it. By all means do it. But don't touch their pregnant belly, run your hands through their hair, sniff their neck because you like their perfume or touch their tattoo....that's a no no.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Auto Volume Control

I am so sick of sitting down in front of the tv to watch a movie or even a show and when those ridiculously loud commercials come on, go scrambling with the remote to turn them down. Or every few minutes having to turn the volume up and then back down again the whole time I’m watching tv. If car manufacturers can put cruise control right into the cars, tv manufacturers should be able to build auto volume control into the damn tv’s. One minute I’ll be watching a really soft moment where you have to turn the volume waaay up and 2 seconds later, a bomb goes off in the background and my walls start shaking with the noise before I can turn the volume back down.

I don’t even like watching movies anymore because for 2 hours I am sitting there controlling the volume…up and down..up..down..and then I’m not fast enough and a loud *BOOM!* gets through, making my neighbors just love me. A commercial will suddenly come on while watching a show and it will be loud as hell…WTF? If so sick of it.

Friday, June 04, 2010

Take a hamster vacation!

You can read my newest article here about how a hotel in France let's guests spend a night as a hamster. Including letting them run in a giant hamster wheel. Seriously...Let me know what you think. Would you spend time at this hotel? Do you think more places to cater to animal lover's this way?


I don't understand why some people think they have to lie about everything in their lives...all the time. Are they looking for attention? Empathy? or just like to make things up? Maybe they have a mental disorder that makes them think they have to make things up in order to have people accept them?

I don't know and I don't know how to deal with it. For me personally, I hate liars or people who take a simple statement and have to embellish it so it sounds better than the truth.

For me, I can put up with a lot, but for some reason being lied to just rubs me the wrong way and it really makes me mad.

I would confront the person if I thought it would do any good...but unless I can catch them in a lie that I can prove is false...what's the point.