Friday, June 04, 2010

Take a hamster vacation!

You can read my newest article here about how a hotel in France let's guests spend a night as a hamster. Including letting them run in a giant hamster wheel. Seriously...Let me know what you think. Would you spend time at this hotel? Do you think more places to cater to animal lover's this way?


  1. Wow, I never heard of anything as wild as that. The hotel doesn't seem to be all that big or well know though. I wonder how many visitors they actually get each year.

    I have never had a hamster as a pet so I'm not sure that it would be like to live as one, but I'm not sure I'd like grain or hamster food for dinner and sleeping on a haystack for bed...noo, I'll pass. lol

  2. I don't think the Hotel is all that big or well known, but I do think it would be a hoot to stay there for a night.

  3. Good grief. That would be a novel holiday for sure!


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