Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Arts & crafts and keeping busy

Here's one of the Dreamcatchers I made for halloween. So Far I've made 6 of them cause my mom, brother and my neighbors wanted one after seeing the 2 on my wall. At least it's keeping me busy.


  1. Ya know...those are of sellable quality. I just had a large 400.00 commision drop into my lap for a game cluub in West Pa. So I'm back in the studio again. It's good to be home.
    This kinda thing is good fot the mind and the soul ya know.

  2. That looks really cool Mary. I've never really been that great at craft things. But I haven't tried in a while. I haven't really drawn much lately either, but I did start playing around with a little idea I had for a kim possible drawing. But I like your dreamcatcher. Maybe I need a dream catcher, it might catch some of the good when instead of all the stupid ones I remember bits and pieces of.

  3. Thanks you guys.
    I taught myself how to make them. It was alot easier than it looks. Good thing to keep ya busy too.


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