Sunday, February 21, 2010

censoring one self

If you have been to a blog, youtube, Yahoo news and have read the comments section you may have seen comments like this one.
(totally made up BTW)

I don't see why you f*cking people think this is such a big d*mn deal? What the f*ck is the big G--- d*mn deal?*


I was at the store and some guy slapped my arse. Why the effing fawk is he thinking?

Seriously? Do people really think that throwing a hyphen, asterisk or spelling the word weird is actually better than swearing in the first place? Do they think they are better then other people?

The last time I was on Yahhoo news I said Damn...oh no. really?
Sue me.


  1. Those sorts of comments don't add much to the conversation, do they?

    Re your post below - I didn't think I'd like threesomes or m/m but I enjoy them now. As you say it does depend on the author and how they write. I haven't read any LKH for ages.

  2. No, they don't.

    I love LKH, can't get enough of her books.


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