Thursday, January 26, 2006

You ever think....

some strange shit? Well I do. This morning I was wondering about my ancestry. Like how do I know if I do a family tree that it would be accurate? think about it. Now stay with me....What if ....lets say back in 1800 my ancesters had 5 kids then somehow they, the parent s die, house fire, ot shot what ever. All the small kids got places with surrounding neighbors and since they were to small to remember they were never told about their real parents. Are ya with me so far? Now those ive kids had kids who had kids, and so on never kowing they were form lets call them the smith famil. They thought they were from a, b, c, d, and e families. So now My ancesters were from one of those kids that got placed with another family and my real ancestry line was stopped. Or was it? There might have been uncles or aunts that came looking for the kids and never found them, now their familes are my real ancesters but I'll never know that. Are you confused yet? Good cause my brain hurts. lol


  1., don't think I ever thought too much on things like that. Thinking is bad for my health. I got one of the guys at work thinking the other day when I asked him if a person goes back in time and meets his grandfather, before he meets his wife and has a kid, and said person kills grandpa, how can he exist to go back in time and do that.......

  2. LOL Good question.
    Sometimes I have strange thoughts. lol

  3. I'd rather have strange thoughts than normal, boring ones.


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