Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Twitter Wednesday

it's time for another Twitter Wednesday, where I find funny things people have said on twitter and post them here. I have left off their names and their @... just in case they don't want to be singled out for the funny things they said... So here we go.

Potty training today has hit a road block made out of concrete and left us all looking like we stuck our fingers in a electric plug.

There are people so unusual looking, you feel intelligent for finding them attractive.

When you fall from cloud nine, gravity hurts...

Dear god! You're an UNINVITED guest in her home. Get some manners!

When the voices in your head are having more fun than you are

Who eats the decoration off a cake even before it got cut? I mean other than 6 year olds

We’re all a little weird. And life is a little weird.

I'm not going to ask why there's an adult diaper on the top of my refrigerator. I'm just not.

In our local paper today the headline read: Man With No Pants Chases Woman to Food Lion.

I hope I find that restaurant up north again that told me the plumbing was old so go in the woods.

Her mouth craned open in horror and something—maybe a tiny piece of bone—fell on her tongue