Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Twitter Wednesday

Here's my second installment of Twitter Wednesday. Where I share some of the funny Twitter posts I've seen recently on Twitter. I have left out the links and names so I don't piss off anyone. lol

Yes. I already own it but Drug Mart had it so I HAD to buy it

Why are there no allergy scented candles for people you hate? "Here's a pollen candle because you're a tool!"

Not sure I'd be able to hold still if my toe were sucked on by a total stranger. I'd wiggle it just to freak them out.

Oliver: I will now lay on you. Me: I'm working. Oliver: not my problem. Please commence petting.

I used to eat a lot of natural foods until I learned that most people die of natural causes.

A satisfied reader: "I was blind until I read Steve's book - now I can see again! Hang on, that doesn't make sense..."

It's my son's first birthday today! He doesn't really know, don't tell him or he'll expect stuff...

Ha, sexy allergies!

>.< omg srsly what do boys have against flushing?!? Flushing the toilet makes the world a better place! Gives angels wings! Puppies homes!

Step onto THE DARK PATH and go to Hell!

I think I'm having a slight allergic reaction to something because my lips are swollen. But, um, it's kinda hot!

was blocked from everything lmao

So there you have this weeks funny Twitters from my Twitter