Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Twitter Wednesday

You're just in time for another installment of Twitter Wednesday. I copy and paste funny Twitterings I found my friends saying this week and post them here. I have left off the names and @'s so no one gets

Short fat slimey ones, long thin curly ones.... Why is this song so much dirtier now than I remember?

I'm craving your hubby's cheese crackers so badly,

Weird. I gain about 5 to 10 new followers a day now, but I lose 1-3. Is it the swearing? Shit, maybe I should start watching my language...

"He's not my soulmate - he's my tonguemate."

I don't mind a slow bartender as long as he's cute.

I like eating cat turds! They are yummmy!

I may have just fanboyed all over my page.

Eggplant Parm? Just leave out the eggplant and add more cheese.

why FB took it from where you could simply to untag yourself to all this sh*t is annoying as heck.

Why is he looking at me like that? Huh, why? Make him stop!

sorry for my lack of twattin...i've been busyyyy ahaha

He’d murdered her with scissors and a chef’s knife.

A homemade sex tape represents a sacred trust. She could burn down your house, ruin your life, but you're a dick if you show anyone else.

Kind of interesting how she could kiss him until their lips turned blue, but couldn’t hang with him spewing a few little..."

I'm going to Mc Donalds for lunch...don't judge me.