Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Twitter Wednesday

Yes, boys and girls it's that day again. The day I copy and paste the funny Twitterings from my friends on Twitter for you to point and laugh at read and have a good giggle. The names and @'s have been left off so I don't make anyone mad at me.

Our cab driver appears to consider fellow motorists and speed laws to be terribly annoying and inconvenient.

Life-size Beavis and Butt-Head sculptures are lifelike and horrifying.

I need a drink after the talk I just had with my kid. It went well but a drink would really make me feel better, lol

SO there are people who take photos of their receipts and post them on instagram to show how much money they spend?

Do you pick your nose in the car and think no one can see you?

Daughter has 1st pair of (plastic) heels. Pink. Right now, she's running by, saying "I'm late!" and leaving one behind, Cinderella-style.

The Olympics are over. You can all go back to having sex at non-Olympian levels. Unless you now prefer gold medal sex.

LEPROSY -- Warning! Don't Touch an ARMADILLO

MTV need to invest in a show entitled “18 and Graduated”… instead of 16 and pregnant.

Maybe if I got off my broom every once in a while, my kids wouldn't think I was such a witch all the time.

Woooooo my panic pills kicked in for the flight and i feel as high as xa kite. Walking off this plane is Hondas be fun times

I need minions to direct the minions!

Damn dogs better stop pooping in my yard.

I can't even roam to the bathroom alone -- I have two pugs who firmly believe that EVERYTHING is a group activity!

About to meet my son's 1st grade teacher for the 1st time. I'm nervous! Hope she's super nice & if she's not, I will bribe her w/ cupcakes.

If I get enough spam about it do I too get a BMW?

A Busy Vagina Is A Happy Vagina-oh yes, it's so true....

It's always a good doctors appointment when i don't get poked or prodden with anything. lol

9yo & 6yo R fighting. 9yo:"He licked my water bottle!" 6yo:"Only a little." *hangs head*