Friday, October 03, 2014

Facial Hair Remover Kit by Bella and Bear

I've used a few different hair removal tools, gels, and creams over the past few years to get a good idea about they are supposed to work so when I was given this one to review I had no problem giving it a try. 

I love the tweezers that came with the kit and after reading the simple instructions I was able to figure out how to work the hair removal tool. You just bend it into a half circle, apply it against your face where the hair is and twist. It is a little painful, kinda like tweezing is but if you only have a couple of stray hairs like I do *thank you mother nature* then it's no different than pulling them out with tweezers, the pain is pretty much the same. This is faster than having to pull each hair out one at a time though.

I found this hair removal tool to work as it said it would and if you have a few hairs you are wanting to pull out this will grab more than one at a time so it's also a time saver. Thankfully, I only have a couple of hairs on my face so this came in handy and I was able to get rid of the hairs very fast. I am not a fan of the depilatory creams at all, they can burn your skin if you are sensitive or leave them on for too long but this little tool is effective, fast and works. 

If you would love to buy this product, you can do so here


  1. I think I'll stick with my electric razor lol

  2. Sounds like a big commitment for just a few hairs! I have my hairstylist wax my brows every six weeks when I get my hair cut and I just tweeze in between. The other stray hairs come out fine with plain tweezers.

  3. Pat- lol Probably easier. ;)

    Stephanie- It is an interesting little device.

  4. Sounds interesting! I'll have to take a look though I'm pretty attached to my trusty tweezers.

  5. My best tweezers were taken by a nasty TSA guy in Mexico. They were too pointy. I was in tears. I get waxed and tweeze in between. I am fair but w/ menopause my Mediterranean roots are showing on my upper lip.
    Makes me cray cray.
    I had seen this and always thought - look a low tech epilady!
    Great review!


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