Thursday, July 28, 2005

Full mail box

wow, my mail box was full today! I had more packages than I usually get at christmas. I do alot of surveys, online and on paper and i got my winnings today for some of them. I got $75.00 for doing the banking surveys. I got my sterling silverbracelet for doing the year long credit card survey. I got a sweater saver for getting enough points for online surveys, I got a free bottle of cortizone that I'm suppossed to try for a week then do a suvey about and get more points to get more stuff. lol
I'm a happy camper right now.


  1. Hey, that's pretty cool. I'e been doing the survy thing for a Canadian company now for almost two years. I'm always on time and my points are up, but I have never gotten anything from them. There are supposed to be quarterly draws based on points but I've never won anything. In fact I believe I'm going to dump them.
    We'll see what happens. They did promise a 15 dollar gift card for after I spent over an hour doing one survey last week. If it don't come...buh-bye.

  2. wow after 2 years and you haven't gotton anything yet. Yeeah I think I would stop doing them to.
    I've tried a bunch of different ones and finally have the good ones now I think. There are alot...of really bad scammers out there tho.


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