Wednesday, August 17, 2005


No, I'm not talking about the kind you eat either. You know I had no idea what the hell computer cookies were. Then someone told me where they were, what they are and to delete them from time to time. lol Well, since I had no idea what in the world they were, yeah I'm computer illiterate. lol I went and looked at them when I found them. OMG!!! So I've had this computer for like 4 years now and the cookies have never been deleted. So can you imagine how many pages of cookies there were? Alot.
Not really sure if it did anything good for the pc, but it can't hurt. Right? lol


  1. I had to delete some cookies earlier tonight because for some reason it was the only way I could get to the emails I had waiting for me at hotmail. I couldn't get hotmail to do anything for two days, I couldn't even delete the junk mail, and I had letters from three people waiting for me and couldn't get to them. I deleted the cookies, tried it again, and it worked without a problem. I guess I could say I am somewhat computer illiterate too. But then again, I could just say I hate computers at times as well.

  2. lol, My pc, Is so dang slow that I have a hard time running my yahoo messenger and any other window at the same time. I get bumped offline whenever I go to a chat room, and If I don't keep the window in the background changing from one site to another when I have the messenger on, I get bumped offline. I'm sick of rebooting, restoring, reinitializing, and reinstalling ....

  3. Sounds like you two need some cleaners. I went to the acg (grisoft) site for free and updatable anti-virus protection and while I searched around I found AD-Aware, a free spyware cleaner that works wonders.
    Mary, sounds like yer beast needs a spyware cleaning. If you let the cookies go that long I'm betting you have at least 30 or 40 dataminers working while you are on line. These are nasty little programs that get downloaded in a blink and sit un-noticed. When you go online they send info back to the owner about your surfing habits and where you've been. Wonder why some of the spam looks like they know you? That's why.
    The first time I cleaned my cookie jar I had 14,000 + cookies in there. Heh heh.

  4. Sorry. that should read "AVG at Grisoft) for the virus protection. These giys are rated as high as Norton and McAfee and are free. All the updates are free too.

  5. If you keep getting booted off then it's your Internet provider and not you. You should be able to connect and walk away for as long as you like and not get disconnected, even on dialup.
    I kept getting the boot from one provider although I did not know it at the time and oddly enough it never happened again after I inquired, in fact it was fixed before I got home.
    Either that or it could be your modem. Modems are cheap to replace, less than 50 bucks,

  6. Thanks, thats some good info. I'm gonna go look into that now.


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