Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Flash Flood

LOL See what I have to put up with? This is my next door neighbor, who picked up a handfull of hail and chucked it at me. LOL Our entire front flooded in a matter of minutes today.


  1. We haven't had any hail around here for a while. I think the last time was sometime last year. But I could be wrong.

  2. Us either Shaggy. I haven't seen hail in years. Down along the Windsor/London corridor though they had a storm this year that dropped golfball sized pieces. My Mum in Lethbridge had to shovel her's away from the dorr it was so deep.
    You can keep that stuff Mary, just send a week's worth of rain. We have to order some water and it arrives today...bastards almost doubled the price.

  3. Our monsoon season is between june and september. We can have hail, thunderstorms, flash floods, lightning storms and it can get bad and then all of the sudden it disappears. We have even had a small tornado at times and that's reallly unusual.


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