Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Dark Days

Dark Days are always there when I'm down,
It always comes when all I can do is frown.
Does it matter that another life it did take,
Wishing at times that I would never wake.
Dark Days will always be around,
Even if theres naught a sound.
Sometimes I wish I would be mistaken,
but instead I was right when it was all taken.
Dark Days will never leave my side,
for its will I have to abide.
I wish that sometime soon,
I'll be a free spirit dancing by the moon.
Dark Days cover the all the stars,
still feeling like I'm on the dreaded mars.
All to wish and hope for,
is for it... like my life... to be no more...

Mary Kirkland 2005

1 comment:

  1. Ah yes, those dark days. I have had many of them. today at one point wasn't so great either, but got better. I haven't written much the last couple days, but i've thought about it. I haven't even bothered to update my blog, but maybe i'll do that this weekend depending on how much of it I sleep through.


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