Friday, March 05, 2010

Tomatoes and Gift Cards

I've been sick with the flu since the 23rd, so I've been feeling pretty bad for the past week. But I felt a little better the other day when I got a phone call from the local radio station telling me that I had won one of the $10.00 Wendy's Gift cards that I had signed up for on their contest page.

I went down to the radio station and got the card, but it took a few days before I was feeling well enough to eat Wendy's. So yesterday when we went to Wendy's to spend my gift card, the total came to $18.97. I gave the guy my card and when he handed it back to me I saw on the register side that was facing me it said, amount due 8.97. So I pulled out my ATM card and started to hand it to him, but he pushed a button on the register and told me that my gift card had covered the whole thing.

I told him that I only had $10.00 on that card and the amount due in cash had said 8.97. But he assured me that the gift card had covered the whole things and when the register came out he even went to point out that I had $10.00 left on my card...according to the way he was reading the receipt.

Again I tried to point out that he was reading it wrong and that it was telling him I only had $10.00 on the card to begin with and that on the bottom where it said total, it said gift card total and then below that it said cash 8.97.

He just shook his head and said the receipt wouldn't have come out if the gift card hadn't covered the whle thing. I just shook my head and took our food and left. My hubby was shaking his head as well. He knew what had happened too....I didn't want this teenage boy to be shortchanged on his register but he was too stupid to realize what had happened and that I was trying to help him. Oh well...

Now on to the tomato part of my story.
While at Wendy's, I read a sign on the register that read something like...
There has been a great shortage of tomatoes and until this tomato shortage is rectified, no tomatoes will be added to any foods at Wendy's unless you specifically ask for them. There will also be a .50 extra charge for any tomatoes added to food until futher notice.

So if I had wanted a slice of tomato on my chicken club... it would ahve cost me .50 extra...seriously. They can keep their .50 slice of tomato.
I'm surprised they didn't have a sign up saying the keptchup would be extra too.

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