Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pet Peeves

I know we all have them and sometimes I think I have too many of them because at times I'm very critical of others, but maybe I'm just normal. lol

My pet peeves..

People who write in all Caps. Anyone on the internet knows that, all caps is considered to be shouting. So stop shouting.

People who spit on the side walk. I've heard guys says that hawking a loogie...yes, that's what they said, was healthy. Ok, fine, get it out...but so it in the bathroom and don't spit it on the same side walk I have to walk on. That's just gross and rude.

Talking on cell phones when you are in a public place. Yeah I know, I'm an old fogie and think cell phones are the anti-christ according to my nephew, but there's really no need for someone to talk about their rash, infection..oozing, pus-filled sores or any other thing they are at the doctors office for. I have heard people talking about STD's on the phone in the doctors waiting room. I really don't need to know. Really.

People who think they know it all! I don't just mean they think they know a few things. No, these people think they know everything! and are right about everything the talk about. Holy cow, I would love to be right all the time but that's just not going to happen. Oh and when you are proven to be wrong, take it like an adult and say, yeah ok, I was wrong.

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