Monday, August 09, 2010

Really embarassing...

We've all done those really embarrassing things, the things that at the time we wished we could just crawl in a hole and hide. I look back on some of those times and can laugh now, so I thought I would let you laugh along with

Some of the funny things I've done...

Years ago when we first moved into another apartment complex...I was walking back to my apartment when I decided to scare my family by quickly sticking my head in the open window and screaming. Well I got the the window and pulled back the curtains and screamed....only to see another family sitting down to dinner! I went to the wrong window! Scared them half to death...but I quickly explained to them what happened when I showed them that I lived right next door. lol

I went up to a man in the grocery store and covered his eyes from behind. I said, "Guess who." He said, "My next ex- wife?" I quickly removed my hands because I realized as soon as he spoke he was not my friend. I apologized and thankfully he just laughed and thought it was funny.

One night I was on a road here in Vegas and I've been told if you pass a cop car sitting on the road checking car's speed' should flash your headlights to the cars coming in the other direction to let them know about the cop car so they can slow down. Well, I flashed my lights and he flashed me back...and as he drove past me I saw him smiling.....but not for the reason I thought....he was a a cop car! Good thing he thought it was funny!

Well, there you have a few of my funny embarrassing moments.

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