Monday, January 24, 2011

Music Players Have Changed

I remember when I was a kid I wanted a radio so bad, so my parents got me one. It was one of those old radio alarm clocks that the sound was really bad on, but I loved it. I had my own radio and an alarm clock.

When I got a little older I got a small boom box from my grandpa and I was able to record all my favorite songs onto the tapes from the tape deck. It was so cool, I had about 50 homemade tapes. lol

A few years ago my husband and daughter bought me a CD walkman shown right below here. I still use it to play my CD's on. I also have an MP3 player that my husband bought me a few years ago, but I don't use it often because I don't like to buy music when I listen for free on Youtube.

So yesterday Ken was cleaning out a box from the closet and found this...

This is so old, omg. It's a Sony Walkman, Tape Player with Am/FM stereo. I must have used this thing so many times that I thought the tape player would stop working. I think we bought this about 15 years ago. It's old. But it still works. I still ahve a few tapes left but for the most part I gave a huge box of tapes away to the VA, when I sent them to a friend who said she would give them to her local VA hospital. There was a gnarly mix of tapes too. lol
It's funny now, I hardly ever listen to my Cd's and my tapes are all but gone, and while I have an MP3 player I mostly listen to free music from Youtube. I made a playlist of about 23 songs and add and delete songs from it all the time, for free. I have looked through some of my CD's and added a few songs from my favorite Cd's to listen to as well.
I have my headphones on whenever I am online, which is all the time it seems. lol


  1. I must admit I love my iPod. It's the cheapest one you can get and only plays music. I use it every day.

  2. I like my mp3 player but I like using youtube even more. lol


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