Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I learned Something New

My hubby Ken has had the bandages on his hand for a week or so now and he wanted to take a shower without having to worry about getting the bandages wet, so he had me take all the bandages off. But you could have blown us both over when I took that last bandage off. His doctor only told him that he used wires to fix his arm....he did not tell him that the ends of those wires were going to be poking out of his skin or that he would have to pull them out after his arm healed.

Ken and I were both looking a the 5 wires stiking up out of his hand and were like, well...how the heck is this gonna work? And how does he plan on getting them out?

I taped a trash bag over his arm so he could shower and then went to looking online about these wires. I didn't know they were called K wires, so I googled surgical wires and found so much stuff that didn't pertain to him. So I went to youtube because they have all types of medical precedures and within a few minutes I found them.

The doctor takes a pair of pliers, grabs the end of the wire and twists and turns it while pulling until it is pulled out of the bone. Some of these wires are down 5-6 inches into the bone.

I'm really surprised the doctor didn't tell Ken about this before he left...I'm really surprised. This is something a person needs to know, ya know. I hope Ken gives him hell for not letting him know what was under those bandages and what was gonna happen next time he goes in to see him.

But if you want to see K wire extraction and I know you do...here's a good video I found. Just fast foward to after they get the cast off...lol

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  1. Good grief. You'd think they would have told you about that!


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