Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Funny Story

Have you ever done something so incredibly stupid but it was funny at the same time and looked around to see if anyone saw what you did? I had one of those days the other day.

I was getting out of my brother's car and didn't realize I had sat on my hair when I got in. Yes, you read that right...my hair is just long enough for me to sit on it now. I seriously need to get it trimmed.

So when we pulled up and parked i went to get out of the car and moved forward only to have my head jerked backwards because I was sitting on my hair. I darn near tore my scalp right off my head. *obvious over dramatization* But it hurt! lol

So when I got out I looked over at my brother to see if he had seen what I had done and since he wasn't rolling on the ground laughing, I'm guessing he didn't. lol

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