Saturday, August 27, 2011

Rat Busters NYC

I just heard about a new show that's going to be on Animal Planet, called Rat Busters NYC. Being a rat and animal lover, I am completely appalled by Animal Planet having a show like this where the rats are going to be killed and not even in a humane way.

What were they thinking?
Obviously they were not. It seems money talks though and they must think they can make some money from a show like this one or they wouldn't have it on a channel that is about animals. What does this say to the people who watch Animal Planet?

It says, Animal Planet doesn't really care about animals, they only care about their profit margins. What were they thinking adding to the ever growing animal control shows on an animal related channel like this. I realize that most people consider wild rats in places like NYC to be pests that need to be exterminated, but they are live animals who have as much right to life as anyone else.

I don't know about you but I am going to be contacting Animal Planet and telling them that as long as they have shows like this on, I will be boycotting their channel and telling everyone I know to do the same.


  1. Anonymous7:07 AM

    I am sorry to report that your statements about how the rat is killed on the show are wrong. the tradition rat trap and the t-Rex trap are both designed to snap the rodents neck immediately so they do not suffer. They are not trap for days and starve to death they are killed instantly. please do not report things that are not true. you have the right to state your opinion about the show, but not report false information about the humanity of it.

  2. Anonymous7:13 AM

    Also, they are trying to eliminate the infestations in peoples homes and businesses and save those peoples homes and businesses. they are not trying to a fend you or your fellow rat lovers. think about it though, if rats over took your house, would you continue to live there or call an exterminator to get rid of your problem. one rat is OK. but 100 rats in your home, is on healthy to say the least.

  3. Anytime an animal is killed so that people can just get rid of them...that is inhumane in my opinion so what I said is not false at all. There are humane traps that catch the animals ALIVE so they can then be relocated.

    Yes, if I had rats, mice, or any other small animal that you consider a pest, I would not kill them. I would humanely catch them ALIVE and relocate them to another place where they could LIVE.

  4. Anonymous12:24 PM

    What if you had as bad of an infestation as some of the clients featured on the show? that would be a lot of traps? where would you release them?

  5. That would be a lot of traps and someone who loves animals would be willing to take them out in the wilderness and set them free. They are used to scavenging for foods so they could live off other dead animals, plants, berrys ect.

    I have to say that one of my real huge problems with this show is the fact it is on Animal Planet. A channel that kids watch and is supposed to be PRO animal.


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