Monday, November 07, 2011

Old Pictures

My older sister found a picture of our grandparents holding my dad and my aunt when they were really young.

I love finding old pictures of family members that I haven't seen before. But when I showed this to my dad he was completely surprised by it because he'd never seen it either. My sister found it in her things and when my mom passed away this past June, I inherited her photos and have been going through them all.

Ever since I was 12 years old, I have been collecting the family's photo albums. It started with just one...and then there were 2 and 3 and 10. When I had my daughter we took countless pictures of her and us and I ended up with more than 20 full size photo albums full of pictures. Now that my mom passed away and I now have all of her pictures, I had to buy 2 more huge photo albums and I still need at least two more to be able to fit all the pictures into them.

But as I was going through the pictures I noticed I didn't know who some of the people in the pictures were. There are a lot of black and white pictures of people I don't recognize. So because my daughter wants to inherit all these photo albums when I pass on, I started writing the names of every one in the pictures on the back of all the photos who I know they are. That way my daughter will know who they are and how they are related to her.


  1. I suspect that with most people taking digital photos these days, generations to come won't find photos in cupboards etc like you have. I think it's great that you've kept the photo albums.

  2. Mary you must have been happy when you found out your sister found such a great picture of the family. Pictures like that are priceless. Very nice.

  3. Shelley- I think you are right. while I do take digital photos I also print some out for photo albums because I like them and I scrapbook also.

    Mike, Oh I really was. The fact that my dad hadn't seen this one either really made it even that much more special.


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