Saturday, November 05, 2011

Rant: Headless Romance Book Covers

Let me begin this post in saying my rant of these book covers is in no way against the author of any of these books, I know from having talked with some authors that they have very little if anything to do with the design of their book covers. This is just my opinion/rant of a trend I keep seeing that is driving me nuts.

So here we have a sample of the type of covers I am going to be talking/ranting about. Can you see what I am talking about? They are all headless. There is a torso, but the face and or head is gone. I like the faces to be attached to the torso's I am looking at and therefore this new trend is driving me batshit crazy.

I think this new trend is fairly hard to I right? Do they have a valid reason for not adding the heads and faces to the torso's? I don't think so, not in my opinion they don't. I am an eye person and a lip person not to mention an arm person. lol I like looking at a man's eyes and lips. So not having a head on the torso of a cover makes it hard for me not to think of said torso being a headless corpse.

I believe that we've come a long way from the creamy bosoms, men's long hair blowing in the wind and floral colors on the front of romance books, but this new trend is irritating me to no end. I want to see a face! For an author to say that she wants us to envision what our hero would look like instead of giving us a face, is a cop out. Why make us imagine what he would look like, pick a cover model and tell us what he looks like. it's much better for me than seeing what looks like a headless corpse on the front of my romance book. I really don't want to be reminded of the headless horseman. Headless torso cover's make me think that someone came along and lopped off the heroes head with a sword...people this isn't a Highlander movie!

I blame the publishers so I hope I have gotten their attention.


  1. Its like mannequins with the no faces, they are supposed to represent the every day person! If that were true I'd be admiring myself in the mirror every day!

  2. I think it's to keep from having those oops covers with the wrong hair/eye/facial hair characteristics!

  3. Elf, if that's the case then they are obviously doing something wrong if they can't find a model that fits the description of the characters in the books.


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