Friday, February 10, 2012


I've been seeing a lot of twitter speak being used in other places and I was wondering if someone could explain this to me...why?

On blog posts I see things like #likethis or @books or #friends in the titles and in the post itself. I checked to see if the blog post was being put on Twitter and it wasn't. So I don't get it.

I also see it in fb posts that aren't being tweeted, so wth?


  1. Mary, if you do a search for one of the particular hash tags it brings up all the tweets discussing this topic. So, for example, if an agent or editor wanted to chat with people on twitter and answer questions they'd use a specific hash tag so that everyone who wanted to could follow the conversation.

    Some authors use a hash tag to conduct twitter parties or contests.

    At you can find popular hashtags etc

  2. Thanks, I had no idea.


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