Monday, September 17, 2012

Another Crazed Fish Picture From My Brother

My younger brother liked the last blog post I made about him and how Fishing Makes You Crazy, when I used another of his fishing pictures he sent me another picture. lol *I know, what was he thinking... right? Does he not know me at all? *

I think we need to rethink this fishing hobby he has, because the look in his eyes is a little reminiscent of Ted Bundy. 

Like I said before...Fishing Makes You Crazy....LOL 


  1. Wow, look at those tattoos. That must have hurt like hell. He does have a sort of, "I don't want to walk into him in a dark alley" sort of look to him.


  2. LOL My BIL, his wife and son love to fish. So does hubby. They go out fishing and I get phone calls when they catch a fish so I can share the joy! I kid you not. I don't understand people who enjoy fishing. :)

  3. Oh I understand, Shelley. My brother is so excited when he catches something and I usually get a few fish when he comes to town. lol I have a few Mackerel in my freezer right now.

    Ashlyn, I would imagine getting those tattoos would Not for me, I'm never getting one.

  4. He does love his fishing, doesn't he?

  5. lol Yeah he sure does.


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